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Pigment studies

Prior to test
information about test
ability to conjugate and excrete bili

NPO 4 hours before
Normals: total 0 - 0.9 mg/dl

over 70% of parenchyma of liver may be abnormal before tests become abnormal
Protein studies -- serum albumin

what happens with decreased serum albumin
normal 3.5 - 5.5

generalized edema if lacking
prolonged in hepatic disease

Liver disease -- PTT prolonged due to lack of vitamin K

PT 9.5 - 12.0
PTT 25-39
Blood ammonia
liver converts ammonia to urea -- liver disease ammonia levels rise

normal 15-40
Liver scan
question about allergies -- can resume diet
cholecystogram and cholangiography

gall bladder and bile duct visualization

Fat free dinner evening before -- take dye in tablet form
NPO after dye injgestion
X-rays followed by ingestion of high fat meals -- then more x-rays

NI: quesiton about allergies
Celiac axis arteriography
liver and pancreas visualization -- use contrast media or organic iodine

NI? question about allergies
Splenoportogram (splenic portal venography
No Prep -- question about allergies
Liver biopsy


after procedure PT
Give Vitamin K IM
NPO 6 hours before
sedative right before exam
patient hold breath 5-10 seconds

After -- position on right side with pillow under -- mild pain radiating to right shoulder

if severe ab pain -- may indicate perforation of bile duct and peritonitis

no heavy lifting for 1 week