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Commedia Dell'Arte:
(1) Intermezzi
(2) Pastoral
(3) Opera/Libretto
(1) short pieces depicting mythological tales, performed between acts of full-length plays

(2) Italians imitation of a Greek satyr

(3) Invented during renaissance, libretto is the text of the production which is secondary to music in opera
Commedia dell'arte
Comedy of professional artists

No set test - improv

Short plot outlines without dialogue (scenario)

Stock characters
Stock characters:
Pantalone: miserly old Venetian man
Dottore: foolish scholar
Capitano: cowardly, braggart soldier
Zanni: foolish servants (Harlequin)
Neoclassical Ideals
Verisimilitude: drama should be true to life, wanted stock dramatic situations

Unity of time, action, and place

Tragedy deals with royalty

Comedy deals with common people

Two genres are never mixed

No onstage violence

Must teach a moral lesson
Elizabethan England: Christopher Marlowe
Dramatic poetry

"mighty line" = poetic verse

Iambic pentameter (u/)