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system signal path---active system
system signal path----passive system
Dimensions of Meyer Hall
Front of House board with 48inputs, 16 outputs, 3 master outputs

Monitor board-----40 inputs, 20 ouputs

Tri amped system,

House speakers are self powered with crossover built into them

Monitor speakers are not self powered, and have crossover built into them as well.
---a little circuit board, takes an amplified signal and splits it up or filters it by high and low frequencies for the horn, woofer, and speaker
Return Lines
crossover outputs to amps on stage, monitor mixes if using one console, talk back to stage
Aux out thru return lines to stage
double the frequency, with every octave energy rises 3db
white noise
speaker hiss
white noise
speaker hiss, sound of electrons and current moving thru cables
pink noise
equal energy from every octave,(like white noise but with a pink filter)
To test the system
1-on touch screen select monitor

2-enable the output on the Osc.

3-press down arrow pop screen on left side to select the desired output

4-press the desired output(one at a time)

5-master output to unity gain

6-send level from the oscillator
+48v Phantom POwer
1-press setup

2-select desired channel

3-press H.A. (head amp)

4-on touch screen press HA for the selected channel

5-apply +48v and phase shift
Mute Groups
1- select CH job

2-press mute select

3-press and select desired ch

4-press setup

5-press user setup

6-select user defined keys from bottom tabs

7-select any of the user defined keys 1- 12 pop down menu

8-from application window select mute master

9-from parameter window select desired mute #
stereo bus
mix 1
rear left
mix 2
rear right
mix 3
mix 13-16
time based processor
stereo return
1-4 return of time based processor
signal to mix output
1. raise pre amp
2. hit PFL
3. raise cue wedge fader
4. hit solo clear, drop cue wedge fader
5. mix outputs to unity gain
6. afl the desired mix output, cue wedge fader up
7. ch fader to unity
8. send signal from ch
9. solo clear, lower cue wedge fader
5 wire?
a cable that comes out of the distribution box
appropriate power for live shows?
nuetral + Hott =120v
2 hots = 240v
nuetral + ground =0v
connecting power cables and disconnecting in what order?
1. connect ground
2. connect nuetral
3. connect any of the hots

to disconnect do the same thing but in the opposite order
single phase?
is actually a two phase, single phase is jsut wording
what defines power?

current is measured in amps

at home you only get 20 amps of power
power ratings
usa power --120v@60hz
world power ---240v@50hz
turn system on
1-turn on console
2-turn on drive rack
mics for vox
sm 58, sm 87, nuemann kms 105, audix om
piano mics
crown pcc160(c), barcus berry
kik drum mics
shure sm91 (c), AKG D112(d), E602(d), Beyer N88(d)
on a tri amped system, where is the frequency split between lows and mids, where between mids and highs?

on a quad amp system, where does the frequency split between the lows and low mids, low mids and high mids, hi mids and highs?
low-low mids----50-135 hz

low mids-hi mids----400-700hz

hi mids-highs-----800-2.5khz
How do you feed signal from multiple amps to speakers with NL8 connectors?
build yourself a speaker patchbay...duh
how to use the FOH talk back mic on chan 48 to talk to band on stage?
mix output thru return lines send through aux output pre the fader
how many circuit breakers for each 5 wire connector output from distribution box?
3 circuit breakers