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disrespectful language or treatment
contumely (n)
loud or harsh
strident (adj)
to decieve or trick
beguile (v)
to toss back and forth
brandy (v)
long established
inveterate (adj)
rue (v)
descendant (one who descends from an ancestor)
scion (n)
deprived of something
bereft (v)
formal request
behest (n)
force or effort
dint (n)
to make known to the public
promulgate (v)
payment for wrongdoing
expiation (n)
the art of telling the future through interpreting signs and omens
augury (n)
an impelling (moral) force or impulse
impetuse (n)
harsh or inharmonious in sound
dissonant (adj)
a burial vault
sepulcher (n)
to pretent to be ignorant of something, implying support of that action
connive (v)
to work as a trade
ply (v)
cognizance (n)
bold and disrespectful
brazen (adj)
dead or decaying flesh
carrion (n)
to confine within, walls to imprison
immure (v)
accustomed or used to
wont (adj)
to move about rapidly and nimbly
flit (v)
to misrepresent, to picture falsly
belie (v)
lust or desire (formal term)
concupiscence (n)
solance (n)
magnanimity (n)
degree and/or type of sound
cadence (n)
outward appearence or form
semblance (n)
person who falls behind, lags behind
laggard (n)
sublime (adj)
shedding light(physical or metaphysacal)
luminous (adj)
malignant (adj)
very bad
atrosious (adj)
a state of confusion
stupor (n)
shortsighted, lacking clear sight
myopic (adj)
sloth (n)
ill-tempered person
cur (n)
prodigious (adj)
putrid (adj)
delorous (adj)
someone who abuses their ecclesiastical postion
simonist (n)
to gratify or indulge a person, to flatter and show and inappropiate amount of attention to
pander (v)
notoriously bad behavior
infamy (n)
cupidity (n)
unprincipled, immoral person
rogue (n)
passionate, intense
torid (adj)
courtesan (n)
unclear like a cloud
nebulous (adj)
harlot (n)
the labor demanded by the king, no payment is given
corvee` (n)
a revision af an early writen work based on critical examination or the text and sources used
recension (n)
narrow stip of cloth, metal, or wood
fillet (n)
a person bound by vows to live a religious life
votary (n)
a poured out offering made to a god
libation (n)
a plan or mechanincal device
contrivance (n)
a curved hanging chain of flowers
festoon (n,v)
long or tall, and thin
spindly (adj)
furtive (adj)
pertaining to the cutting or precious stones
lapidary (adj)
to appease and offended person
propitiate (v)
dwelling place
domicile (n)
doneor said in a mannor that allows no argument or disagreement
premptorily (adj)
a sovereign ruler's represenative ruler in a region
viceroy (n)
located underneath
nether (adj)
mammals and verbs harmeful to game and crops
vermin (n)
rich soil made of sand and decayed vegitation
loam (n)
ornamental work made of fine wires or any delacate fanciful crafted work
filgeree (n)
a distance of roughly 3 miles
league (n)