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Ralph Waldo Emerson is Known as?

His goal was to?
The American Scholar

Free Americans from the dead hand of the past (England)Create American themes.
Whitman was the founder of what type of poetry?

Free verse poetry

Song of Myself
Who wrote "The words of my work are nothing?
Walt Whitman
Emily Dickinsons 3 Quotes:
"A word that reads distinctly, has not the power to die." Is there more than love and death as a theme, then tell me its name. If I feel physically that the top of my head is taken off...than it is poetry"
Who wrote "Hedda Gabler"?
Henry Ibsen
Baudelaires Works?

One O'clock in the Morning
Autumn song I
To the reader:
Invitation to the voyage.
Who wrote "Death of Ivan Ilyich"? War and Peace?

What di he feel humans should do?
Leo Tolstoy

"We all must return to nature"
What "Ism" deals with "Natural Selection"?

Which one was the wrecking crew of traditional values...builder of Modern values?

Who was the creator of a new "science based rationalism, and what was it called?
Augusta Compte

Freud used the scientific mind of what three things:
ID irrational primal side

Ego Conscious

Superego societal expectations
What did Niche create, and explain the concepts?
Existentialism: Existence exceeds essence (nature vs. Nurture)

Essence- Essence exceeds existence (view was that material things were a reflection of the spiritual things god created.
Joyce Wrote?

What is Finnigan's Wake?
"Portrait of an artist" (Modernist)

Joyces "created" language
Yeates Wrote?

Hint: WETC
When you are old
Easter 1916
The second coming
Circus animals desertion
Proust wrote?

Swann's Way

Time is a continuum."
Kafka wrote?

Richard wright wrote?

Write was a?

A man...who was almost a man.

African-American Fiction Writer. (strict Baptist)
Who wrote "Hollowman"?

T.S. Elliot

"Unless you build upon your own work, than it isn't literature."
Who wrote "Marriage is a private affair"?

Who "Liked to spy on us."?

Walt whitman
Who wrote: "The job is to have a new kind of American literature, not english themes"?
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Waldens theme?

Involved nature/mystic views.

"Everyone should follow the beats of their own drum."
Who was the genius that emerson speculated would be in future writers of the common man?
Walt Whitman