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What does abridge mean?
It means 'to reduce in scope'.
What does accommodate mean?
In means 'to make room for'.
What does alleged mean?
It means 'said to be true'.
What does apt mean?
It means 'likely'.
What does consecrate mean?
It means 'to make sacred'.
What does derived mean?
It means 'gotten or received'.
What does detract mean?
It means 'to take away'.
What does egregious mean?
It means 'conspicuous or flagrant'.
What does erroneous mean?
It means 'mistaken'.
What does fickle mean?
It means 'inconstant or changeable'.
What does inadvertent mean?
It means 'unintentional'.
What does myriad mean?
It means 'a great number'.
What does odious mean?
It means 'deserving of hatred'.
What does perish mean?
It means 'to die'.
What does posterity mean?
It means 'future generations'.
What does proposition mean?
It means 'something offered for consideration'.
What does sequential mean?
It means 'in a continuous series'.
What does suggestible mean?
It means 'easily influenced'.