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What is an antagonist?
A charecter or force that blocks the protagonist
What is a Protagonist?
A main characeter in fiction or drama
What is conflict (what are the 5 types)?
Struggle or clash between opposing characters
a)man vs. man
b)man vs. self
c)man vs. nature
d)man vs. society
e)man vs. fate
what is mood?
A story's atmosphere or the feeling it evotes
What is moral?
Lesson that's been learned in a story
What is narriorator?
The voice telling a story
What is foreshadoing?
Hints of what is going to happen
What is Climax?
Movement of emotional intensity or suspence in a story
What is first-person point of veiw?
When one of the charecters is telling the story
What is Third-person point of view?
The narriator wha plays no part in the story, zooms in on the thoughts and feeling of one charecter
What is setting?
The time and place of a story or play
What is tone?
Attitude a writer takes toward a subject, character, or audience
What is total effect?
the overal influence from the story
What is irony?
contrast between expectation and reality-between what is said and really meant-between what is expected to happen and what does really happen-pr what appears to be true and what is really true