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define allusion
a reference in a work of literature to a character, place, or situation from another work of literature, music, art, or from history
example- referring to a decision about to be made; the lady or the tiger?
define aside
in a play, a comment made by a character that is heard by the audience or another character but is not heard by the other characters onstage
used to reveal thoughts or provide information
define blank verse
a rhythm pattern with five units, or feet, each of which has an unstressed syllable followed by a stressed syllable
define comedy
a type of drama that deals with light and amusing subjects or with serious and profound subjects in a light, familiar, or satirical manner
define drama
a story written to be performed by actors in front of an audience
define dramatic irony
when the reader knows something that a character does not
define farce
a type of comedy that provokes laughter by placing one-dimensional, or flat, characters in ridiculous situations
define figurative language
language used for descriptive effect, often to imply ideas indirectly
define foil
a character who provides a stong contrast to another character
define tragedy
a play in which a main character, called the tragic hero, suffers a downfall
define pun
a humorous play on two or more meanings of the same word or on two different words with the same sound
define satire
a form of writing that ridicules people, practices, or institutions in order to reveal their failings
define soliloquy
a long speech delivered by a character who is alone onstage
define exposition
the introduction of the characters, the setting, or the situation at the beginning of a story
define rising action
the part of a plot that adds complications to the conflict and increases reader interest
define suspense
the growing interest and excitement readers experience while awaiting a climaxor resolution in a work of literature
define climax
the point of greatest emotional intensity, or interest, or suspense in the plot of a narrative
define falling action
in a play or story, the action that typically follows the climax and reveals its results
define resolution (or denouement)
the part of the plot that concludes the falling action by revealing or suggesting the outcome of the conflict
define assonance
the repetition of similar vowel sounds within nonrhyming words, especially in a line of poetry
mIle after guIleless mIle without resting
define consonance
the repetition of consonant sounds before or after different vowel sounds
lIKe a pair of thiCK soCKs
define alliteration
the repetition of sounds, most often consonant sounds, at the beginnings of words
it is what Sent the Snake coiling and Flowing Foward
define simile
a figure of speech using like or as to compare seemingly unlike things
define metaphor
a figure of speech that compares or equates two or more things that have something in common
define theme
the main idea or message of a literary work
not the subject of the work but an insight about life or human nature
define onomotopoeia
the use of a word or phrase that imitates or suggests the sound of what it describes
finally stops SPUTTERING
define free verse
poerty that has no fixed pattern of meter, rhyme, line length, or stanza arrangement
define rhyme
the repetition of the same stressed vowel sounds and any succeeding sounds in two or more words
define rhythm
the pattern of sounds created by the arrangement of stressed and unstressed syllables especially in poetry
define personification
a figure of speech in which an animal, object, force of nature, or idea is given human qualities or characteristics
define plot
the sequence of events in a narrative work
define conflict
the struggle between opposing forces in a story or play
define characterization
the methods an author uses to reveal a character's personality
define protagonist
the central character in a literary work around whom the main conflict revolves
define antagonist
a person or force in a society or nature that opposes the protagonist, or central character, in a literary work
define narrator
the person who tells a story: a speaker, a character in the story, an outside observer, or even the author
define point of view
the relationship of the narrator to the story
define setting
the time and place in which the events of a story, novel, or play occur
define tone
a reflection of a writer's or speaker's attitude toward a subject of a poem, story, or other literary work
define flashback
a literary device in which an earlier episode, conversation, or event is inserted into the chronological sequence of a narrative
define foreshadowing
an author's use of clues that hint at events that will occur later in the plot
define symbol
an object, a person, a place, or an experience that represents something else, usually something abstract
define irony
a contrast between appearance and reality
define imagery
the "word pictures" that writers use to help evoke an emotional response in readers
a literary compostition in the form of a soliloquy