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the reference to a famous figure, place or event from history, literature etc.

ex. "To A Mouse" from Of Mice and Men, by Robbie Burns
the force opposing the main character (could be person, thing, nature, etc.)

ex. The Joker is Batman's antagonist
A regular, ordinary person who encounters one problem after another. They do not have any special abilities.

ex. Spike Lee
Static Character
does NOT change

ex. Curley, Of Mice and Men
Dynamic Character

ex. Mr. Nilson in The Japanese Quince
Flat Character
has only a single "side", behavior is predictable

ex. Lenny, Of Mice and Men
Round Character
many sided, similiar to a person in real life

ex. Frederick in Enchanting April
Stock Character
the familiar, stereotyped figure, the dumb blonde

ex. Slim, Of Mice and Men
Consistant Character
one's continuing actions conform to what the author has already revealed about him/her

ex. Hester in Rocking Horse Winner
the point of greatest intensity, interest or suspense in a story

ex. the death of Julius Caesar in Julius Caesar

a) person against person

b) person against society
the struggle between two opposing forces or characters

a) Batman and Joker
b) James Dean, Rebel Without a Cause
a choice between two equally undesirable courses of action

ex. miss watching favorite T.V. show to study for test, or fail the test
short addition or conclusion at the end of a literary works
a scene in a piece of writing that interrups the action to show an event that happened earlier
a character who's behavior, attitudes, or opionions contrast with those of the protagonist

ex. Banquo in Macbeth
indication of something that may happen later in the story

ex. Lenny killing the puppy
particular kind or category of writing

ex. poetry, short story, essay, novel, play, etc.
Interpretive Literature
written to broaden or sharpen our awareness of life

ex. Lord of the Flies
Verbal Irony

ex. "Oh goody, it's time to do my math homework."
Situational Irony
difference between what happened and what would be expected to happen

ex. "The Story of an Hour", she had loved him sometimes, but often not
Dramatic Irony
difference between what the audience knows and what a character knows to be true

ex. "The Story of an Hour", she died of joy rather than of sadness of seeing her husband alive
the dominant attitude throughout a piece of writing

ex. In Poe's The Raven, there is a negative, dark mood throughout
the person who tells the story

ex. Ponyboy in The Outsiders
the events as they happen in a story
Poetic License
freedom for a poet to break the rules of punctuation, spelling, language, or truth
an opening section of a longer work, intended to introduce some important background info to the reader

ex. Romeo and Juliet, Oliver Twist
writing in normal sentences and paragraphs
the main character in the story

ex. Ponyboy in The Outsiders
The Barber in Just Lather, That's All
time and place in which the events of a story occur

ex. The Outsiders takes place in the Southwestern part of the U.Sl. in modern times
a conventional mental image

ex. teenagers are lazy and use illegal drugs, teachers are mean and give lots of hw
quality of a story that makes the reader uncertain about the outcome

ex. all detective and mystery stories
Symbol, Symbolism
something chosen to stand for or represent something

ex. the dove represents peace, black represents death, evil, etc.
main idea of a story

ex. when people try to hard to succeed at something, they end up causing themselves harm