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what is plot?
the events of the story
what is exposition?
the section of the story in which the author introduces the characters setting and central conflicts
what is rising action?
the section of the story in which the tension build the conflict escalate;often has mini climaxes leading up to...
the turning point of the story and explosion of the tension that has been building after this point in the story the central conflict is ready to be resolved
what is resolution?
the section of the story in which the central conflict is solved or partially solved
what is conflict?
a struggle between a character and one of the following another character nature society her or himself
character trait
a word that describes a characters personality this is neither a physical trait nor a feeling
what is charaterization?
the methods an author uses to help readers get to know a character a description of apperance what the narrator tells up character acrions and habits backround ingormation about the character the information about the character the information about the character the characters setting such as her bedroom what other chacters tell us bout her or him
what is setting
the time and place in which the story's events happen
a message about life that the author communicates through the characters and events of the story
hints or clues of what is to come in the story