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Eager to try new things
Enjoy working with colleagues
Confident-not afraid to talk and ask about what they want to learn
May be thinking about past initiatives and wondering how literacy coaching is different
10-20% of staff
May feel hesitant to stand out from the group in their teaching practices or environment
Can easily captivate all of the literacy coach's time
May be overwhelmed by day-to-day concerns that prevent them from volunteering for new initiatives
May tempt the literacy coach to focus too much on them because they are pleasant to work with
"Lead with the need": Identify and address immediate needs of these teachers to yield speedy results.
Might intimidate coaches who lack confidence
Listen to and learn about past efforts of these teachers; seek to identify ways that literacy coaching should be different. Ask the teachers for help.
Give them the same amount of attention as other groups.
Encourage teachers to work in pairs so they are not trying new things on their own.
Leverage this group's enthusiasm by asking them to help you try out practices new to you.
Want nothing to do with the literacy coach
Use teachers in this group as examples some of the time but not too often.
Feel satisfied with their work as it is, or so dissatisfied that they don't want anyone to know
Usually have a history of resisting initiatives
Encourage members of this group to share their knowledge and skill with teachers in other schools.
10-20% of staff
Eager to improve but cautious about changes
Often exert influency over colleagues that discourages colleagues from participating in literacy coaching
Looking for quick signs of success (e.g., "OK, show me")
May be quite vocal
May seek clarifications about roles and expectations
May be intimidating to the literacy coach
60-80% of staff
Do not avoid these teaches.
Do not give these teachers undue time or mental energy.
Support these teachers in an honest and authentic manner.
Listen to and learn about past experiences and current beliefs and practices of these teachers.
Take your time, but don't give up.