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The young mother ADMONISHED the little boy not to take the cookies from the cookie jar.
to caution/advise against something; to scold mildly
On April Fool's, Julia was CIRCUMSPECT about opening the gift box from her tricky, devilish friends.
careful, cautious
Carrying the huge boxes during our move made me CUMBERSOME, so I practically tripped over the curb.
clumsy, hard to handle, slow-moving
Instead of helping to clean up, her little brother only MUDDLED the drawer, causing her temper to fire up.
to make a mess of
At the last second, the courageous firefighter SALVAGED the frightened kitten from the burning sixth floor.
to save from fire or shipwreck
Who knows who she really is, behind that SPURIOUS, empty smile?
not genuine, not true, not valid
The little girl, with chocolate smeared on her face, whirled around the aisles, creating a DISSOLUTE aura about her.
loose in one's morals or behavior
Last week was definitely an ERRATIC, unpredictable week for me.
Not regular or consistent; different from what is ordinary, expected; undependable
After his Lego airplane collapsed three times from all the accesorized weight, the little boy finally pleaded his father for help to FORTIFY the airplane.
to strengthen; build up
The bully thought that he had SUBJUGATED the timid, skinny kid, but instead he was punished by the pounding kicks and punches from the skinny arms.
to conquer by force, bring under complete control
The teenager's parents promised only to CONDONE her if she went on the next family reunion with them.
to pardon or overlook
The TRITE orphan-love relationship in Korean dramas was seen one too many times.
overused; commonplace
The winner for the model competition was quite obvious because she was easily distinguised from the others by her GRANDIOSE, graceful stride.
showy, pompous
Although her friends warned her of the guy's reputation, her determined flirtations with him were INEXORABLE.
not capable of being persuaded by pleas, relentless
His crush on the beauty queen of the school was practically pathetic DOGGEDNESS.
stubborn perserverance; tenacity
Today, as a horrible day, seemed to pass by in a VORTEX.
a whirlpool;
anything like a whirl in its rush
No matter how many times we took a math test, she would always demonstrate her INFALLIBILITY by getting an A.
incapable of error
The painter SOLDERED the red paint with the yellow, creating orange.
to join together
As he waved goodbye to her, it appeared as he was EVANSECING from her life as well.
fading from sight
The artist painted the falling leaves on the tree a VERMILLION shade of red.
bright red or scarlet
The new bride was showered with ADULATION from her envious friends.
flattery; admiration
The two sibilings at the grocery store were quite CONTENTIOUS, creating an embarassing sight for their parent.
The project certainly looked CURSORY and done at the last minute, so it received a poor grade.
casual; hastily done
It turned out in Mission Impossible III, one of the IMC leaders was masked with DUPLICITY.
double-dealing; hypocrisy
A good money-maker would supply the characteristic of FRUGALITY, hardly spneding money when not needed.
thrift, economy
Some women are so GREGARIOUS that they sound like chicken in a pen sometimes.
socialable; talkative
The traffic IMPEDED me from getting to school on time.
hinder; block; delay
Although the bee looked intimidating, it was really INNOCUOUS if you didn't mingle with it.
Bryson always treated with life with a flavor of LEVITY, allowing to have an optimistic view of life.
lack of seriousness;
The style of extremely low-waisted jeans was TRANSIENT, same with many other styles.
momentary; temporary; staying for a short time
Since it was her birthday, I insisted on DEFRAYING the jacket that my friend wanted to buy.
to pay for
Getting a horrible grade on her math test made her DOLEFUL for the rest of the day.
sad; dreary
Because I was dumb and a pro procrastinator, I HAMPERED on my project for a month and ended up having to stay up late finishing it the day before it was due.
to hold back
Her boastful comments about her accomplishments were a little too INCESSANT.
never stopping; going on all the time
The presentation was LUCID and straight to the point.
easy to understand; clean; rational, same
Pour Le Piano by Debussy is an example of a POSTHUMOUS piece of music.
occuring/published after death
Because she was in a horrible mood, all her comments were SARDONIC and bitter.
grimly or scornfully mocking; bitterly sarcastic
He had spent hours on his piece of art; it was no surprise that his teacher marked SUPERFLUOUS on the grade sheet.
exceeding what is sufficient or required; excess
When I lost my handy-dandy pencil, it seemed like as if there was no match to SUPPLANT the original one.
to take place of;
She was so nervous about the finals posting that her TENACIOUS grip on my arm made deep fingernails when she finally released it.
holding fast; holding together firmly;
When people on the Titanic believed that they were about to die, they started murmuring INVOCATIONS, wishing for their loved ones to live a happy life.
the act of calling in a higher power for assistance or inspiration
It seemed like as if her big, mean brother had PLUNDERED her new colored pencils set away, threatening her with a punch.
to rob of goods by force, especially during time of war
The tiny girl was known for her bursting self-confidence and VALOR.
bravery; courage
When he stumbled over the backpack, the colored pencils DISPERSED all over the floor.
to drive off or scatter in different directions
Because he wasn't making eye contact when his dad was lecturing, he ended up receiving another lecture on INSOLENCE.
audaciously rude or disrespectful
Her speech was ELABORATE and lucid at the same time.
intricate and rich in detail
The little, abandoned puppy looked FORLORN and lonely at the pound, so the family decided to adopt him.
appearing sad or lonely because of being abandoned or deserted
Sometimes stay-at-home moms are known for being VERSATILE, doing laundry, cooking, and watching TV at once.
capable of doing many things competently or serving many functions
After buying a worth of $100 of new clothes, all my old clothes were thrown at the back of my dresser, morphing into OBLIVION.
the condition or quality of being completely forgotten
She was so DIRE to get the guy's attention that she plastered herself right next to him when he sat down.
urgent; desperate
The judge's expression was growing with INCREDULITY as the performer kept messing up and messing up.
state/quality of being skeptical; disbelief
Common amongst children's fables, the fox is often portrayed with a WILY character.
full of trickery; cunning
When we were about to start a set for swimming, one person thought that they could EVADE this set by going to the bathroom, but obviously not.
to escape or avoid by cleverness or deceit
It felt like just after I ate the almonds, it ENDOWED me with the ability to ace my math test.
to equip or supply with a talent or quality
The 2-carat diamond ring looked MINUTE compared to the 10-carat one.
insignifcant; small; tiny
Today was a horrible one, filled with events with ADVERSITY.
state of hardship or affliction; misfortune
His glance towards me was so DISDAINFUL that it gave me goosebumps.
Although he was the fastest swimmer at practice today, the coach still looked at him in CONTEMPT because he was trying at his best.
looking down with disapproval
Because her crush was in the classroom, the mere prescence of him caused her to be ALOOF for the rest of the hour.
distant physically or emotionaly; reserved or remote
In order for him to not be considered TREMULOUS by his peers, he had to try the cigarette.
timid or fearful
Sometimes people just look at the wrong characteristics to find a VALIANT person.
He was a strong PARTISAN to the fourth measure on the ballot, enthusiastically campaigning door to door.
fervent, sometimes milltant supporters of a party, cause
The dumb assumption on the test proved to be PERNICIOUS because it caused one wrong problem after another.
causing great harm; destructive
His feelings towards her was COVERT, so they labeled him as playing "hard-to-get."
not openly shown; covered over; secretive
She was only AUGMENTING the risk of being screwing up by stressing about her faults.
making greater by adding to
The building of condos was certainly a major GRIEVANCE during this year's election.
a circumstance seen as a just cause for protest
He stated during trial that he believed and understood that his murder of the young child was a TRANSGRESSION, and he deeply repented it.
a violation of a law, command, or duty
She was getting VEXED by the guy's stalking.
He spent the rest of the day in LANGUISH because he lost his iPod.
Her dad was a major HERETIC, he often controversed their theories about who created the earth.
a person who holds controversial opinions, espescially one who publicly dissents fromt he officially accepted dogma of the Roman Catholic Church
The Medusa in Six Flags looked PERILIOUS.
Although she did not favor the DISPOSITION of her daughter's choice of boyfriends, she had to go along with it.
one's customary fram of mind; one's nature or temperament
The party was so BOISTEROUS that the neighbors had the call the police.
rough; violent; noisy; lacking in restraint
The judge's VISAGE was so intimidating that the nervous contestant forgot the lyrics to her song.
the face or facial expression
I've never met such a cruel, VILE individual in my whole life.
loathsome; disgusting
The mother-in-law decided that it was time to pick the NUPITAL wedding cake to go with the theme.
of or relating to marriage or the marriage ceremony
He performed the speech with such SOLEMNITY that everyone thought that he was joking.
condition of being serious;
sober or deeply earnest
She flung so much DISPARAGEMENT at him that he shrunk away in embarrassment and guilt.
spoken word that slight or belittle
His SEMBLENCE made a good impression on the manager during his interview.
an outward or taken appearance
According to her, her conversation with her crush was much less TRIFLING than ending up in detention afterwards.
of slight worth or importance, frivolous or idle
She ENTREATED her friend to casually drop off the love letter to her crush.
to make an earnest request
The two most popular girls despised each other with such ENMITY that they were sent to the principal's office more than several times for starting "cat fights."
deep-seating, often mutual, hatred
It would be PERVERSE to fart loudly in a quiet, dignified environment.
improper; corrupt
When the older brother pointed at his younger sister for starting the fight, she immediately IMPUTED him by saying that he punched her first.
to attribute the fault or responsibility to
At the end of Mission Impossible II, Ethan Hunt managed to PROCURE the dangerous virus from the bad guys.
to obtain or secure
The competitive oppenents stared at their rivaling team with such RANCOR that it was blood-curling.
The cunning basketball player FEIGNED right and left, confusing the opposing defense player, then finally lunged to the left, scoring the final point.
to pretend
There was so much WANTON treats leftover from the party, so we insisted everyone on bringing them home.
lustful; excessive
It's hard to FORBEAR from going on MySpace everyday.
to refrain from; resist; stop
The desperate seller WARRANTED that the battery would last for a year, but it only lasted for five days.
to guarantee or prove
The painter was painting was so much DEXTERITY that after thirty minutes, he had attracted a large audience behind him.
skill and grace in physical movement, especially in the use of hands
The little kid came up with such a good RETORT to the bully that he only had one choice to walk away.
a witty comeback
The aphrodisiac were attractive to others, only because it was labeled AMOROUS.
of or relating to love
I don't get why some teachers grade so hard; it only creates a DISMAL effect.
causing doom or depression; dreary
She was so quickly BEGUILED by his charm, not seeing his real character, only to be dumped three days later.
When my dog died last week, my mom's friend demonstrated LAMENTATION by crying and assuring that he would have a great afterlife.
a show of grief and mourning
She had to nearly beg on her knees to BESEECH her mom to go to the party.
to request earnestly; to beg
She was quickly ABSOLVED for sneaking out when she hugged her mom and dad and told them that she loved them.
to pronounce clear of guilt; to forgive
The landmines were TREACHEROUS, no one could see them from bird's eye view.
marked by unforeseen hazards
dangerous or deceptive
When the kitchen sink overflowed, the water INUNDATED all the memos and papers on the counter.
to cover with water;
to overwhelm
Because she just had a fight with her boyfriend, all her pieces of guy advice for me was bitterly PENSIVE.
suggestive or expression of melancholy thoughtfulness
When a fight evolved between the toddler guy and girl, the teacher calmly ARBITRATED the two contentious children.
judge or decide;
settle a dispute
When her dog died, everyone gave her looks with SOLACE.
comfort in sorrow, misfortune, distress
Because it was almost time for her interview, the background music played in the lobby sounded like a DIRGE.
a funeral hymn or lament; a slow, mournful composition
All the beggars in New York are suffering from PENURY.
extreme want or poverty
The bully was APPREHENDED by the principal when he struck the little boby.
to take into custody;
to arrest
The way her mother monitors their house makes her look like a SOVEREIGN.
one that excercises supreme, permanant activity
Since Cinderella's cousins were jealous of her beautiful dress and her invitation to the party, they tried to THWART her attendance by ripping her dress to shreds.
to prevent the occurence, realization, or attainment of