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Jack London, a an is in the extreme cold and dies alone with a dog
To build a fire
Stephen Crane, a man from the civil war dodges bullets to reach water
A mystery of heroism
Henry David Thoreau, tells of Thoreau's experiences while living on walden
Henry David Thoreau, Thoreau's thoughts on how life could be simpler and whats wrong with the world
Civil disobedience
Ralph Waldo Emerson his transcendentalist views of nature and man
Anne Bradstreet a womans home burns down and she looks to god for anything
upon the burning of our house
Washington Irving the devil tries to tempt Tom walker but he says so and his wife says yes and he makes a deal with the devil
The devil and Tom walker
James Thurber a man with a boring li9fe daydreams of a more exciting life
The secret life of Walter Mitty
Richard Wright a boy struggles with his hunger and the fact that his father won't give him money to survive
Black boy
Flannery O' Connor, a man gyps a woman into letting him marry her daughter only to take her car and leave her daughter stranded
The life you save may be your own
Edgar Allen Poe a man visits his dying friend who is ailing and is soon killed by his supposedly dead sister the house collapses
The Fall of the house of usher
Edgar Allen Poe, the narrator's lover dies and he's hoping to see her again but a bird tells him nevermore will he see her.
The Raven
Jonathan Edwards, description of how God's wrath shall come down upon sinners
Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God
Ernest Hemingway men using machines to make efforts better
In another country
Zora Neale hurston a little black girl is intrigued by 2 white women who admire ability to read
Dust tracks on a road
William Faulkner after many years a woman dies and her lover's corpse is discovered
A rose for Emily
Ambrose Bierce; a man imagines himself escaping his hanging but is hanged in reality
An occurrence at owl creek bridge
Eudora Welty; a boy dreams about his father in circus
A worn path
Herman Melville; a man tries to get back to a whale
Moby Dick