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first person in the us to win the nobel prize.
sinclair lewis (1930).
nobel prize was started by this man.
alfred nobel.
the 6 areas the nobel is given to.
physics, chemistry, physiology/medicine, literature, peace, economics.
the first 5 areas were first awarded this year.
economics wasn't awarded until this year.
the date the nobel prize is awarded every year.
december 10 (alfred nobel's death date).
the amount of money the winners recieve for the nobel prize.
$1 million.
what nationality the nobel prize is awarded to.
any nationality.
the reason the nobel prize is awarded.
winner must have done something that is "good of humanity".
pulitzer prize is named after this man.
joseph pulitzer.
nationality the pulitzer is awarded to.
us only.
pulitzer is given for a life time supply of work or just one work?
one work.
pulitzer was first given this year.
winner recieves what amount of money.
the university that awards the pulitzer.
columbia university.