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created 1st American literary hero
James Fenimore Cooper
Kept journal of Pilgrims struggle
William Bradford
1st great black autobiography
Frederick Douglass
Why was Zora Neale Hurston was criticized
Didn't focus on the struggle of blacks
Why was Gettysburg Address is "great"
conveyed a stronger message and quicker than previous candidate
poet of the self
connected spiritual wold to everyday world
2 sc. poets we covered
James Dicky
poet Laureate of Harlem Renaissance
Langston Hughes
What was Hemingway hero
A man's man who kept his head high despite chaos
farmers southern planter and author
William Byrd
1st notable American poet
Anne Bradstreet
Who created vernacular
Mark Twain
Poet Laureate of confederacy
Henry Timrod
most recognized slave narrative
Frederick Douglass autobiography
founder of Transcendentalism
1st great satirist
William Byrd, Mark Twain
most powerful orator of American Revolution
Patrick Henry
Master of Souther Gothic tale
William Faulkner