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When Stopped at a Stop Sign or Traffic Light, should your vehicle creep or moving?
No, the Vehicle should not be moving.
What should you observe before entering your vehicle to left.
1. Other cars parked nearby.
2. Pedestrians (People)
3. Nearby objects - such as trees, pole, curbs, walls
You vehicles Shocks are part of what System?
The Suspension System.
If hot gases are coming from your engine, what system is at fault?
You Exhaust system.
If load running noise (like a motorcycle) are coming from your vehicle, what system is at fault?
You Exhaust system.
Why should you never run a car in a closed garage?
Exhaust gases at poisonous.
If your steering becomes hard to turn or difficult to control, what system is at fault?
The steering System.
What controls the vehicles bounce after bumps or at a stop?
The shocks.
Why should you not have any loose objects on the floor of the cars? Especially bottles or balls?
They can easily roll under your brake pedals causing you to be unable to stop the car.
At what age are car seats required for children?
age 4 and young.
What do you do at a flashing red light?
You must come to a full stop and then may proceed when it is safe to do so.
What do you do at a red arrow?
You cannot go in the direction of the arrow. You may proceed when the red arrow goes out and a green light goes on.
At a railroad, if there is a line of traffic in front of you, waiting, just on the other side of tracks, what do you do?
Never start to cross the tracks if there is not room for your vehicle on the far side. (plus 10 feet.) after looking both ways
What is a crossbuck?
A white criss-cross "railroad crossing" sign.
What do you do if you see two alternating flashing railroad light at a crossing?
You must stop. train is approaching.
If bell and horn are sounding at Railroad crossing, what do you do?
Stop. You cannot cross till the bells and horn stop sounding and you look both ways.
What shape are most work area signs and emergency operations signs?
mostly Diamonds Orange/Black lettering
what do you do when you see a work area sign?
Reduce speed. Find a person controlling traffic with a sign or flag.
What is a regulatory sign?
Square white signs giving you information about rules for traffic direction, lane use, turning, speed, parking, etc.
Do you driving at the spped limit posted in bad weather?
no, speed limits are only for ideal weather conditions.
What do you call signs posted at intersections of multi-turning lanes, that show you which lane to use?
Lane Use Control Signs.
How many sides on a stop sign?
8 sides.
Which sign in a downward triangle?
the Yield sign.
What do you do at a yield sign?
It means you must slow down and stop/slow down for any oncoming traffic approaching before merging or crossing a road.
What is a white sign with a red circle and a white bar across the center?
"do not enter" sign
What does a reflective orange triangle on the back of a truck mean?
the truck is moving less than 25 mph.
What land marking is found on multiple passable lanes traveling in the same directions?
white dash lines
If you are stoping at a light and there is a crosswalk, where do you stop?
You must stop before your vehicle reaches the crosswalk.
If you are stoping at a light, where do you stop?
You must stop before your vehicle reaches the white line or crosswalk.
What road marking will you find on a road with un passable lanes traveling opposite directions?
Double Solid Yellow Line.
What road marking will you find on a road with one un passable lane and one passable lane traveling opposite directions?
One solid yellow line next to one dash line. _________
- - - - -
What do you call a lane that only special vehicles can use?
Reserved Lane. They are marked by signs and white diamond painted on lane.
If a Reserve lane is marked for transit, what vehicles can use it?
If a reserve lane is marked as "HOV",what vehicles can use it?
Vehicles with more than one person in them. Signs many indicate how many passengers must be in the vehicle.
If traveling on a road with two lanes traveling in the direction, which lane should you be in?
Right lane. Left lane is used for passing.
When traveling long distance on a road or Highway with three lanes traveling in the direction, which lane should you be in?
Center lane. rightland is used for entering and exiting road. Right lane for passing.
What lane should you be in to pass a vehicle?
You must be on the right side lane of vehicle. On the right the other driver will have difficulty seeing you.
Who has the right-of-way at a corner with a person at a unmarked crosswalk.
The pedestrian always has the right-of-way! No matter what.
At a intersection where yu are turning left and the opposite direction vechicle across from you is going straight, who has the right of way?
The vechicle across from you that is going straight has the right-of-way. You must yield
What is a rotary?
A circle of traffic where vechicle enter and exit to other streets.
Who has the right-of-way in a rotary?
The vehicle in the rotary.
Who was the right-of-way if multiple cars arrive at a four way stop together.
The car to your right.
What is grid-lock?
Vehicles are stuck in traffic in the center of any intersection. Illegal. You should wait until traffic clears ahead of you to pass an intersection and not block it.
What do you do if an emergency vehicle siren is sounding?
Pull over to the right edge of road. If you are in an intersection drive through it first and then pull over.
If a school bus is flashing on the other side of a road with a center barrier, are you required to stop?
If a school bus is flashing on the other side of a 4 lane road ,are you required to stop?
How far from a stop sign can you park?
25 feet.
Can you park on a crosswalk?
Can you park on a sidewalk?
How far from a cross walk can you park?
25 feet.
Can you park in front of a fire hydrant?
How far from a fire hydrant can you park?
10 feet.
How close to a curb must you be to park?
within 1 foot.
Can you park in front of sidewalk ramp?
No. Ramps are for the disable, strollers, equiptment.
Can you park on a bridge, tunnel or underpass?
Can you park point to the wrong side of the road?
Can you double park?
no. Double park is paralell parking in two lanes.