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1) The Pevensie children have been sent out of London because of the ____________ and their parents’ fear that they might be killed.
Air Raids
Why did Lucy first enter the wardrobe?
She was exploring the house with her brothers and sister.
What happens if Aslan and the Witch don't obey the deep magic?
Narnia will be destroyed in water and fire
How many plans of battle does Aslan suggest to Peter?
What kind of animal pulled the witch's sledge?
According to the Professor, why is it most probable that Lucy's story is likely to be true?
Lucy is more truthful than Edmund.
What did Father Christmas give Susan?
A bow and arrow and a horn.
Why didn't Edmund tell Lucy he met the White Witch?
He had eaten enchanted Turkish Delight
After he is brought back to life, why did Aslan go to the White Witch's castle instead of going directly to help Peter?
He needed to free more creatures to help with the battle.
What does prodigious mean?
Great in amount, size, or extent
What does frowsty mean?
Stale; musty-smelling
What are dominions?
Lands owned by a ruler
What does whet mean?
To sharpen the edge of a blade
What does renounce mean?
To give up a claim, title, position or right.