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The p in spit, spar, crispy, upper, culprit, bumper
the b in bib, boat, liberate, rob, blast
the t in stuck, stem, hunter, nasty, mostly
the d in dip, dust, sled, draft
the k in skip, scatter, uncle, blacklist, likely
the g in get, gape, mugger, twig, gleam
the p in pit, pain, upon, apart
the t in tick, tell attire, terror, tutu
the k in keep, cow, kernel, recur
the ch in chip, lunch, lecher, ditch, belch
the 'juh' in judge, germ, journal, budge, wedge
the f in fit, flash, coughing, proof, phlegmatic, gopher
the v in vat, vote, oven, prove
the 'th' in thick, thought, ether, teeth, three, bathroom
the 'th' in though, then, bother, teethe, bathe
the s in sip, psychology, fasten, lunacy, bass, curse, science
the z in zap, xerox, scissors, desire, zipper, fuzzy
the 'sh' in ship, shock, nation, mission, glacier, wish
the jjj in rouge, measure, azure, visual, garage
the h in hat, who, ahoy, forehead, behind
the m in moat, mind, humor, shimmer, sum, thumb
the n in note, now, winner angel, sign, wind
the n/ng in sang, singer, longer, bank, twinkle, speaking
the l in leaf, loose, lock, alive, hail
the r in reef, rod, arrive, tear
the flap in butter, madder, writer, rider, pretty amity
the yuh in yet, use, cute, yes
the w in witch, wait, weird, queen, now
the wh in which, what, where
upside-down w
the ee in fee, she, cream, believe, receive, serene, highly
the ih in fit, hid, income, definition
the ay in fate, they, clay, grain, engage, great, sleigh
the eh in let, led, head says, said sever, guest
the ah in bat, panic, racket, alguh, Nantucket
the uh in shut, other, udder, tough, lucky, what, flood
the uh/ah in suppose, collide, telegraph, about
the ow in crowd, plow, bough, rouse
the 'aye' in lies, my, tide, thigh, buy
the oo in boot, do, two loose, brew
the uh in book, should, put, hood
the oh in note, no, throat, though slow, toe, oaf
the oy in boy, voice, boil, toy
the aw in fought, caught, normal, all
the aw in rob, cot, father, body