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a part of a canal in which the water level can be raised on lowered to bring a ship to the level of the next part of the canal
the ____________ industry began in wester Pennsylvania, near Pittsburgh.
_____________ from other countries has contributed to the closing of many steel mills in PA
___________ got to handle the increase in trade and business when the Erie Canal opened.
New York City
Erie, Pennsylvania, Buffalo, NY and __________, New York benefitted directly from the St. Lawrence Seaway
The soil in the Middle Atlantic states is mostly______________, and soil in New England is mostly _______________.
fertile, poor
a body of water that boats can use
finished products
a manufactured good made from raw materials
identify ways people used natural resources in their environment around Pennsylvania in the 1800's
In western PA steel making was a big industry.
Steel is made by heating iron, coal and limestone, three natural resources found around there. Waterways were nearby so they could use these to ship the steel to other places.
in business, the contest among companies to get the most customers or sell the most products
line graph
a graph that uses a line to show changes over time
industrial economy
an economy in which factories and machines manufacture most goods
Many factories are built in the Appalachian Mountains becuase the mountains had _____________ that factories needed.
What are truck farms and how do they operate?
Truck farms are farms that grow fresh fruiets and vegetables. They are located near cities or markets so they can be delivered before they spoil.
fresh fruits and vegetables
a group of people who live a very simple life
agricultural economy
an economy in which people meet most of their needs by farming
The U.S. started with an _______________ economy.
The _______________ made water travel possible between the Atlantic Ocean and the Great Lakes.
Erie Canal
A _________________ river is a river that is deep and wide enough for ships to use.
A _______ is a rocky place in a river where a sudden elevation causes fast- moving, dangerous water.
A __________ is a waterway dug across land.
Compare the economies of early agricultureal communities to the economies of present-day rural and urban communities.
In the early days of the Northwest reagion the people had to make or grow much of what they needed-agricultural
In the 1800's things began to change and the region changed to an industrial economy which meant factories and machines manufactured or make most goods.