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What was Lincoln's goal for reconstruction?
To bring the South back peacefully and quickly.
What were the Radical Republican's goal for reconstruction?
They wanted to punish the South for losing the war.
What was Johnson's goal for the reconstruction?
To give as much rights back tot eh South
What did Lincoln do about slavery?
He abolished it- Emancipation Proclamation
What did the Radical Republicans do about slavery?
1. They passed 13th, 14th, and the 15th amendments.
2. They passed the Civil Right's Act so they had to be nice to the slaves
3. Wade-Davis Bill
What did Johnson do about slavery?
He did nothing about the KKK. He did nothing about the black codes. He vetoed freedman's bureau. He vetoed the Civil Right's Act (but overuled). He was very lenient with the South as long as they abolished slavery.
What was Lincolns opinion on Political Power?
Leave them alone and let them vote
What were the Radical Republican's opinions on Political Power?
they wanted the North to benefit the most so they passed the military reconstruction acts; it divided the South into military districts.
What was Johnson's opinion on Political Power?
He helped campaign for the South
What was Lincoln's plan on Southern land?
Lincoln wants to give the land back to the South
What were the Radical Republican's plan on Southern land?
40 acres and a mule- they started taking away plantation owner's land and giving it to the slaves.
What was Johnson's plan on Southern land?
give it back to the South- he eventually gets rid of 40 acres and a mule.
How did Lincoln affect the Southen Lifestyle?
The Emancipation Proclamation was passed because he wanted to do it just to help the slaves.
How did the Radical Republicans affect the Southen Lifestyle?
They wanted the South to look like the North by building factories.
How did Johnson affect he Southern Lifestyle?
He tried to preserve Southern lifestyle and keep it the same.