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Where does the story take place?
Cape May, NJ
Who is the author of "Lily's Ghost"?
Laura Ruby
Who's portrait is placed in the closet?
Uncle Max
Who does "Lola" think Lily is?
Why does the boy have paper towels up his nose?
It is broken
What did Madam Durriken do for $25 at the Good Fortune Shoppe?
Tell your future
What was Madame Durriken's real name?
Maple Ann Spatz
What happened to the hands of the bluish boy Madame Durriken could see through?
Each one burst into flames
What type/style of homes are the "candy colored ones" throughout Cape May?
Whose laundry had Lola placed the red sweater into?
What did the crank caller say to Vaz ?
"Hit the road, Odysseus."
What does Arden say is the reason that she doesn't see her family?
They don't approve of my choices
What type of takeout food does Arden get for dinner withh Uncle Wes?
What is strange about Uncle Wes during his visit?
He and the area around him are cold
How does Lola explain Uncle Wes' inability to get warm?
Sir Flame-a-lot pasted himself to Uncle Wes and freezes him with ghostie ectoplasm
What does Lola do to Lily's shoes?
Puts strawberry preserve in them
What final event makes Vaz decide Lily must have ghosts?
The loud breathing
What is the late charge at the library?
Ten cents per day
What message is scorched onto the microfilm reader that Vaz and Lily are reading?
"You're getting warmer."
When Madame Durriken read her own tarot cards what card did all the card become when she threw them onto the floor?
The Devil
Where is the Cape May Historical Association?
Next door to Lily's House
How does Mr. Burton at the Historical Society greet them?
He barely opens the door and refuses to let them in
How do Vaz and Lily get into the Historical Association?
They break in while Mr. Burton is out
What do Vaz and Lily discover about Uncle Max?
He died in the house fire.
What is the rumor surrounding Max's death?
That he was the arsonist that set fires on Cape May.
What happens when they are in Mr. Burton's house?
He comes home
Why do Vaz and Lily go to the attic?
Looking for clues from Uncle Max
What happens to the door when they go upstairs to the attic?
It closes, open and then closes
Why do Vaz and Lily stay in the attic?
They are locked in
What happens between Lily and Vaz while they are locked in the attic?
They kiss
What do Lily and Vaz find in the attic?
M.W. + A.B. written on the floor
Who opens the locked attic door when Vaz and Lily are trapped?
Lily's Mom, Arden
How does Arden react to finding Vaz and Lily in the attic?
Angry, suspicious
What does Madame Durrikentake as payment for a fortune telling from Lily?
How does Lily's fortune telling adventure with Madame Durriken go?
Badly, things break & she qutis
What did Lily discover hppened to her hair when she woke up?
It was bubble gum pink
What does Lola discover after turning Lily's hair pink?
Lily is NOT Steffie
What does Lily discover about Ms. A. Reedy when she returns the books to the library?
She is Mr. Bruton's sister and is the A.B. that loved Uncle Max
What does Ms. Reedy tell Lily about Katherine Wood, Max's mother?
She committed suicide from the dining room chandelier about a year after Max died.
What does Uncle Wes do when Lily asks about Uncle Max?
He tells her about him abd the fires
What does Uncle Wes do when he sees Lily's necklace?
He grabs for it and wants to know where the rest of the coins are
Who comes to the door when Uncle Wes is asking about the coins?
Bailey Burton
What is Uncle Wes looking for?
Treasure map to find the coins
What three people have been looking for the treasure map for many years?
Uncle Wes, Bailey Burton and A. Reedy
Where was the treasure map?
In the kewpie doll
What do they do to Arden when they leave to look for the treasure?
Tie her to the dining room chair
Who do they take hostage when they leave to look for the treasure?
Vaz and Lily
While the five follow the map, whose footsteps are used for paces?
When the treasure location is found, who is forced to dig in the sand?
Vaz and Lily
What does Lily realize when she watches Uncle Wes smoke the cigar before opening the treasure?
That Uncle Wes NOT Max set the fires and that he killed Max.
What happens to Lily before she can attack Uncle Wes?
Uncle Wes hits her with the gun
After Lily is hit in the head who does she "see and talk to"?
Uncle Max's spirit
What was in the treasure chest?
Katherine Wood's will
Who did the will leave everything to?
Her sister Ruth and Ruth's heirs…Lily and Arden
What 3 things are the City of Cape May famous for?
Victorian homes frosted pink & white, sun-washed beaches littered with "diamonds" & many befuddled ghosts
What beloved possession did Lily have to leave behind at her house in Mount Clair?
What 1 possession does Lily's mom take with them when they move?
Kewpie doll
Who does Lola mistake Lily for?
Where does Uncle Wes live?
Where does Madame Durriken work?
Good Fortunes Shoppe
How did Lily's clothes get turned pink?
Lola put a bright red sweater into a load of whites
Who is "Broken Nose Boy"?
When Vaz answered the phone, what did the crank caller say?
"Hit the road, Odysseus"
How did Vaz's father die?
He went fishing and died in a storm off the coast 6 years ago
206 Perry belongs to whom?
Uncle Wes Woods
What was the name of the Cape May newspaper that Lily & Vaz searched for info on her family?
The Star & Wave
Who is the librarian?
Ms. A. Reedy
What message did Lily & Vaz see on the microfilm in the library?
"You're getting warmer"
Which tarot card did Madame Durriken see repeatedly during her reading?
the devil
Where is the Historical Association?
Bailey Burton's home at 204 Perry St.
Why does Vaz call tourists shoobies?
in 1800's poor people who visited the shore brought their lunches in shoe boxes
What is Vaz's dog's name?
What are Lily's 2 labels for Bailey Burton?
Angry Baby Man & Angry Larva Man
According to the newspapers from the Historical Assoc. how did Maxmillian Wood die?
He started the fire as a prank but was trapped on the 3rd floor.
What happened to Lily's father?
He left them when she was 5 and never came back
What lettering did Lily & Vaz find in the attic?
M.W. plus A.B.
What is Madame Durriken's real name?
Maple Ann Spatz
What color did Lola die Lily's hair?
Screamin' Sally's Punk Rock Pink
How are Ms. Reedy & Mr. Burton related?
they are siblings (brother & sister)
What does Ms. Reedy say Lily's pendant is?
a rupee from the 1600's
How did Katherine Wood commit suicide?
Hung herself from the dining room chandelier
Who did the Quedah Merchant belong to?
Captain Kidd
What is the name of the lake at Cape May Point?
Lake Lily
Who is Aurelia?
Ms. A. Reedy, librarian
According to Max, how did he know where Kidd's treasure was buried?
He said he talked to Captain Kidd's ghost on the beach.
Where was the treasure map?
Pinned to the Kewpie doll's dress
What 3 things did Ms. Reedy say men are?
Braggarts, deceivers, & idiots
How many steps from the front door to the 1st street lamp?
Who really set the Cape May fires?
What did Max say ghosts must learn before entering the heavens?
What was in the trunk buried on the beach?
The last will and testament of Katherine Spicer Wood
What did Lily's mom rename Madame Durriken's Good Fortunes Shoppe when she bought it?
What line of jewelry did Trinket become famous for?
Diamond Beach Design
What happened to the Kewpie?
Captain Kidd dug it up from the beach