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What is a constitution?
A written plan that creates laws
What is a government?
People who make and enforce the laws
What is a congress?
a formal meeting of delegates from different states to discuss problems
What is a delegate?
A person who represents other people from a single area.
What are the Articles of Confederation?
The first constitution of the United States
What does Ratify mean?
To approve
What does Ammend mean?
To change
The Constitutional Convention
Meeting where the Articles of Confederation were rewritten and the U.S. Constitution was created
What is a Legislature?
Persons who make, change or get rid of laws
The Virginia Plan
Proposed a 3 branch government and a 2 house legislature
The New Jersey Plan
Proposed a 3 branch government and a 1 house legislature
What is a compromise?
An agreement; giving up something to get something
What is Federalism?
Shared power between the state and national
What are the three parts of the constitution?
Preamble, Articles and Ammendments
What is the Preamble?
Introduction to the Constitution
What do the Articles of the Constitution tell us?
How our government works
What are ammendments?
Changes to the constitution.
What are the Bill of Rights?
First 10 ammendments to the Constitution
What does a State Government do?
Makes the laws for it's state.
What does the National Government do?
Makes the laws for the United States of America.
What does the term "Separation of Powers" mean?
The National Government is split into 3 different branches of power.
What does the system of "Checks and Balances" prevent?
Prevents one of the 3 branches from having too much power.
What does liberty mean?
The Three Branches of Government.
Legislative, Executive and Judicial
What is the job of the Legislative Branch?
Makes and passes the laws.
The Legislative Branch is also known as what?
The Legislative Branch is made up of what two houses?
The House of Representatives and the Senate.
The Lower House
House of Representatives.
The Upper House.
Which house has two members from each state and serve a 6 year term.
Which house has 435 members and serve a two year term?
House of Representatives
Qualifications for this House are:
Age: 25
U.S. Citizen: 7 years
Lives: State district he/she represents
House of Representatives
Qualifications for this House are:
Age: 30
U.S. Citizen: 9 years
Lives: State he/she represents
Accusing a President or congress member of breaking the law