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bond between child + caregiver
What are the 4 parental characteristics?
-Insecure resistant
-Insecure avoidant
mothers are sensitive to infant communication signals+ they respond w/ interactional syncrony, response is well timed,rythmic, appropriate & has appropriate emotional state
mothers give inconsistent care + are insensitive to infant signals & direct attention to themselves
Mothers are overly stimulating + intrusive, They interfere w/ infants ongoing activity
mothers are depressed or parents have suffered a serious loss & are trying to adjust/they have attachment problems of their own
ME self
sense of self as an object of knowledge & evaluation
awareness of caregivers desires & are able to obey simple requests
Self control
capacity to resist an impulse to do socially inappropriate behaviors
I self
sense of self as an agent
the self is separate from the environment+ can control itw own thoughts & actions
hemispheric specialization
process by which some brain functions are primarily associated with one side of the brain
hand dominance
individuals are more skilled if they show a strong prefernce for 1 hand
Gross motor skills
physical abilities using large muscle groups & these continue to improve in coordination & ability
Fine motor skills
physical abilities using small muscle groups improve greatly
Pretend play
symbolic play
inability to go to a point of origin of a thought
focus attention on 1 detail/aspect of the event + exclude other dimensions
ego centric
the inability to adopt anothers perspective
socio dramatic play
elaborate senarios, detailed scripts

benefits- incr. social competence