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Ideas for projects

(use learning about England as an example)
-interview someone from England
-do a report
-make a relief map
-make a game
-make a puzzle
-make a speech with pictoral tour
-make a song, rap, poem
-make a website
-take a field trip via computer
manners-general (con't)
-never wear hats in a building
-do not wear pants that show your crack
studying math
-use flashcards
-use math games
-make math webs
-use highlighters to memorize
study skills
organize work to be done

To do this, use notecards, highlighters, folders, labels, bulletin boards, etc.
manners (general)
-no jumping on the furniture
-put toilet seat DOWN ...always
-if you drip, clean it up
-clean up your own hairs
-pick up after yourself
table manners
-hold utensils correctly
-chew with mouth closed
-no burping, farting, slurping
-say please, thank you, and "good meal"
-ask to be excused
-napkin on your lap