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What is accomodation?
change in an existing structure to include new information.
What is assimilation?
adding stuff to the new.
The study of human-devlopment can be divided into three domains which are:
biosocial,cognitive,and psychosocial
You have 8oz of water in one tall slender glass when poured into a short, wide cup Margo thinks the cup is holding less water than the glass did,what stage of development is she in?
what theorists proposed the concept that sees children as miniature adults?
You have just been presented with tow opposing views on a new topic you must consider. As you form your opinion on the issue,you are using which type of thinking?
An example of a cognitive process is?
A child in the concrete operational stage would most likely be able to?
use logic to determine a solution related to an actual event.
The removal of an unpleasant stimulus is called a?
negative reinforcer
A scientific research project should be conducted by following these steps in which order?
Formulate a research puestion,develop a hypothesis,test the hypothesis,draw conclusion
4 steps (nursing assesment)
The greatest amount of change occurs during which stages of life?
infancy and late adulthood
Cross-sectional research would be best used for?
The comparison of people in different age groups.
Which teorist of the seventeenth century supported the idea that children are not inherently evil but simply a blank slate that is filled by life experiences?
Which theorist proposed early childhood stages most closly resembling those of Freud's theories?
The rate of diseases of all kinds in a given population is termed: