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Define Development
The pattern of movement or change across the life span
Give an example of development being multidirectional.
When people become wiser with age, but slower on cognitive speed tests.
What is an important dimension of the Stability-Change issue?
The degree to which early experiences or later experiences are the key determinants of a person's development.
Give an example of Psychological Age
an 88y.o. female that continues to learn new skills, writes journal entries, and visits museums to assess new artists works -these things show her adaptive capacities, which demonstrates psychological age.
When does the period of development known as early childhood typically end?
First Grade
Define 'Social Policy'
a course of action by the government designed to influence the welfare of the citizens
With regard to the treatment of children, what country ranks at or near the lowest percentile?
The United States
Name the three main reasons to study life-span
1 -the more you learn about children, the better you can deal with them.
2 -you may gain insight into your own history.
3 -you may have a responsibility for children as a parent or teacher.
What are the main interests of Luis Varga?
Cultural issues and the assessment and treatment of children, adolescents, and families.
What is Bernice Neugarten's emphasis on?
She emphasizes reemerging life themes in development -she concluded that age is becoming less important for understanding development.