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What is the Kingdom of God upon earth?
The Church
What does redemption or being redeemed mean?
Whoever believes in him can live a new life, a life that is blessed with God's friendship and that will last forever.
What does Mediatrix mean and to whom does it refer?
Channel of all Grace. Refers to Mary, who conceived and bore Jesus.
When do we receive this new life in God?
At Baptism and we grow in it by praying and receiving the sacramnets
Who is the Channel of all Grace?
What made it possible for Jesus to redeem us?
He was God as well as man with supernatural powers to free us from sin and the devil
The One from whom we receive the gift of God's life in our souls
Source of All Grace
God's greatest gift to us
Sanctifying grace
Through whom does Jesus continue to give us grace?
His priests