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The pond is like a small ___________.

a. river b. city c. park d. world
What skates on top of the water?

a. tadpoles b. insects c. fish
d. beavers
What part of the lily pad is under water?

a. stems and roots b. roots and stems
c. flowers and leaves
d. leaves and roots
Roots and Stems
What is the same about ducks and turtles?

a. They both hop on the water.
b. They both
They both eat small fish.
Which animal is a reptile?

a. duck b. beaver c. water strider
d. turtle
Where does a beaver live?

a. in a nest in the mud
b. in a house made from sticks
c. on a big log
d. all of the above
In a house made from sticks
What is a tadpole?

a. a baby frog b. an insect
c. a kind of bird d. a fish
A baby frog