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Acts Chapter 1
Promise of the Holy Spirit and the Ascension of Jesus
Acts Chapter 2
Outpouring of the Holy Spirit and Peter's first speech
Acts Chapter 3
Healing of the lame man and Peter's second speech
Acts Chapter 4
Peter and John in the sanhedrin and the first persecution of the church
Acts Chapter 5
Ananias and Saphira, Gamaliel speaks and first trouble within
Acts Chapter 6
Choosing of the seven and Stephen seized
Acts Chapter 7
Stephen's speech and matrydom
Acts Chapter 8
Saul's persecuting of the church
Acts Chapter 9
Paul's Conversion
Acts Chapter 10
The Conversion of Cornelius - account recorded by Luke
Acts Chapter 11
The conversion of Cornelius - the account retold by Peter
Work of Barnabas and Saul in Antioch and Judea
Acts Chapter 12
Peter's escape from prison by the angel
Herod's death; James beheaded
Acts Chapter 13
First missionary Journey of Paul

Ministry in Cyprus and Antioch
Acts Chapter 14
Ministry in Iconium, Lystra and Derbe then return to Antioch

appointment of elders
Acts Chapter 15
Issue of circumcision and the law- should gentiles be circumcised?
Problems surface in Antioch, problem resolved in jerusalem and letter delivered to antioch
Acts Chapter 16
Paul's 2nd missionary trip
Separation of Paul and Barnabas. Addition of timothy to Paul and Silas. Conversion of Lydia Phillppi. Conversion of Phillipian Jailor
Acts Chapter 17
Proclamation of Christ in thessalonica, berea and Athens Preaching in aeroapagus
Acts Chapter 18
Year and a half in Corinth
Quick trip to Antioch
Beginning of third missionary journey
Travels to galatia and Phyrgia
Conversion of Apollos by aquila nd Priscilla
Acts Chapter 19
Three Years in Ephesus, ending with a riot
Acts Chapter 20
Paul in Macedonia and Greece and meeting with elders in Miletus
Acts Chapter 21
Warnings on the way to Jerusalem Brief stay in Caesarea. Arrival in Jerusalem and Paul's arrest
Acts Chapter 22
Paul's defense before the jewish mob
Acts Chapter 23
Paul's defense before the sanhedrin, plot against Paul and deliverance to Felix
Acts Chapter 24
Paul before Felix
Acts Chapter 25
Paul goes before Festus and appeals to Caesar. goes before King Agrippa
Acts Chapter 26
Defense of Paul before festus and king agrippa
Acts Chapter 27
Paul sails to Rome shipwrecked along the way
Acts Chapter 28
Paul in Rome explanation of Paul to the leaders of the Jews in Rome. the waiting in Rome for two years, yet preaching and teaching