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What is the easiest choice of main entry?
a. when only one person is responsible for the content of an item
Which of the eight areas of description is the area that records the presence of an index in a book?
d. Notes
Which tag is used for the date of publication?
a. 260
Examples of added entries would include
a. editors
b. performers
c. titles in collections of short stories
Subject analysis (or subject access) involves the location of an item. That part of subject access which uses controlled vocabulary to describe a subject or topic is called
c. subject headings
The most popular American source of authoritative subject headings that is used by most school libraries is
b. Sears
The Library of Congress classification system is different from Dewey classification in that it
a. is widely used in large or specialized libraries
b. is more complex than Dewey
c. breaks down subject matter into minute subtopics
Although LC maintains authority records to keep track of changes in headings and names, ___________ librarians are less likely to do so.
b. school
As the example in the textbook illustrates, a keyword search for the phrase "baseball players" will result in items on
a. baseball
b. banjo players
c. bridge players
How many subject headings should a cataloger assign to one book/item?
d. as many as needed to describe the item
What is the purpose of subject access?
c. to show the user the items in a library on a given topic
Automated library catalogs have the ability to search surrogate records to retrieve "key words." These keywords merely reflect the incidence of the search word(s) in the record and do not necessarily reflect the ____________ of the item.
c. intellectual content
Where keyword searching is especially beneficial is in seeking items not related to subject matter. In the school library, one example is a search for a
a. reading program

b. Lexile level

c. target level
Comparing LCSH with Sears subject headings, which of the following statements are true?
a. Sears printed volumes are less expensive than LCSH volumes.
b. LCSH uses more technical language.
c. Sears headings allow each library to add and change headings as best suits that library.
Because the Library of Congress has made its subject headings authority list available for free online, this has made ______ headings more attractive to school librarians.
b. LC/AC
When searching the LC Authorities online file, use the term in the ____ tag as the proper (authorized) heading.
a. 1XX
Using the examples of subject headings on pages 55 & 56 in the textbook, choose which of the three headings is LC/AC:
b. 650 _1 $a Discoveries in science
If a topical heading has a geographical subdivision, use the subfield _____ to record the geographic area.
d. $z
Biographies pose a special problem in that the cataloger must decide whether the biography should be placed
a. in the subject discipline or with the other biographies.
Catalogers should not accept as correct the DDC numbers from just any source because
a. many copy-cataloging databases use the full edition of DDC to classify their titles.
b. the DDC numbers in Sears should be used only as guides.
c. many school libraries use older editions of Dewey.
If you were looking for a dictionary of nursing terms in a college library, in which LC classification number would you look?
c. R
Melvil Dewey conceived the idea for his classification system by
b. using decimals to number a classification of all human knowledge in print.
The purpose of classification is to arrange a collection, NOT to place
c. a single item.
Which is the correct Dewey Decimal order of these call numbers?
a. 598.2 ; 598.145 ; 598.016 ; 598.24
b. 598.016 ; 598.145 ; 598.2 ; 598.211
c. 598.145 ; 598.2 ; 598.211 ; 598.016
d. 598.016 ; 598.2 ; 598.211 ; 598.145
Which of the following numbers could not be a DDC number?
a. 37
Although there are 12 valid subfields in the 245 tag, our text discusses the
c. $a, $b, $c, and $h subfields.
An example of an alternate title entry in the 246 tag is a _________.
a. parallel title
b. subtitle
c. title proper containing numbers or symbols
Area 8 includes the standard numbers: ISBN (tag 020) and ISSN (tag 022). In the 3" x 5" catalog card, this number was located at the ______ of the card, while in the electronic environment, it is located at the ______ of the MARC record.
a. bottom ; top
If an item is a bilingual book, an equal sign (=) in the 245 tag gives titles in two languages. This second title is called the
c. parallel title.
If you were cataloging a DVD about Canada that was recorded in Montreal and spoken in French, which tags would you use to supply this information?
d. 041 ; 043
If your library decides to record the price of an item in the 020 tag, which subfield would be used?
c. $c
In the 245 tag, the subfield $a denotes the title proper. What is the information called that is in subfield $c?
d. statement of responsibility
In the creation of LCCNs, in which year did the Library of Congress start using the four-digit number for the year?
c. 2001
Information in the 245 tag may be entered into the
a. 1XX tag.
b. 246 tag.
c. 7XX tag.
Subfield $h is used when a cataloger describes a
a. non-book item.
The 1XX tags are not repeatable, but the _____ tag(s) is/are repeatable.
a. 7XX
c. 246
The classification number field that most interests the school librarian is the ___ tag, but understanding the LC number in the ___ tag may be helpful in classifying books without Dewey numbers.
a. 082 ; 050
The LCCN tag (010) is always 12 spaces long. Where are the zeros added if an LCCN is not 12 spaces?
c. after $a and between the year and the rest of the number
The second field indicator is used to tell the computer how many spaces to skip when a title begins with
b. an article ("a," "an," or "the").
The subfield $h is known as the General Material Designation (GMD). This refers to material types other than
b. books
The first person named in the 245 $c tag is recorded in the ____ tag.
a. 100
This tag is repeatable in a MARC record:
b. 020
Which tag records whether or not the Library of Congress is the creator of the original catalog record?
d. 040 - Cataloging source
With most motion pictures (including videotapes and DVDs) there will be no 1XX tag in the MARC record. In that case, how will the indicators in the 245 tag be recorded?
b. 245 00 $a Gone with the wind $h [videorecording
Information to be used for the Edition Statement (tag 250) may be found in the chief source of information for a book. How do you record this information if it is located on the cover of the book?
b. in brackets
Some keywords to indicate an edition of an item are
A. "abridged," "complete"
C. "revision," "version"
If you do not know the name of the publisher of an item, how do you record that in tag 260?
b. $b [s.n.]
If you are sure that a videocassette was published some time between 2000 and 2004, but you cannot locate a date on the chief source of information, how do you record the date in tag 260?
a. $c [2000-2004]
The last numbered page in a book is 355. You notice that there are three more pages of text. According to our textbook, how do you enter the information?
b. $a 355 p.
If a book has "3rd edition revised" on the title page, but "New Revised Edition" on the front and back covers, what would you record in the edition (250) tag?
a. 3rd ed. rev.
When recording publication information for a book in tag 260, search the chief source of information. This includes the title page, verso of title page, and ________.
d. colophon
If the locations of a publisher include Philadelphia, Detroit, and London (in that order on the title page), which do you use in the 260 tag?
a. Philadelphia
When dealilng with the "extent" of the item, the key is to record the _______ of pages, pieces, volumes, etc.
c. number
Most items in the third subfield -- $c -- of tag 300 are measured in terms of inches. Which format is an exception?
a. books
b. containers (e.g., for kits)
c. globes
The 5XX tags are for notes where the cataloger supplies facts about the item. Which tag do the authors caution about using because the information in the tag is not retrievable?
b. 590 tag - Local
When describing information such as bibliographies and indexes, use the ____ tag when there is both an index and a bibliography, and use the ____ tag when there is only an index.
b. 504 ; 500
c. 504 ; 505
If your library owns only two (2) volumes of a three (3) volume set, which tag should you use to state this information?
c. 520 tag - Summary, etc.
d. 505 tag - Formatted contents
Which tag should you use to notify the user that a particular item is a non-book item?
b. 520 tag - Summary, etc.
c. 505 tag - Formatted contents
If you were cataloging an audiotape of Texas swing music, which tag would you use to list the musicians on the tape?
c. 511 tag - Participant or performer
___________ statements work hand in hand with subject headings to help clarify for the user the content of the item.
a. Summary