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What is Theology Proper
Doctrine of Gods
Theos-Greek-any belief in God or gods.
He's present
over & above time & space
cosmological arguement
2nd law of thermo dynamics-things are running down. Going from complex to simple. Everything that exists must have a cause which proves it must have come from nothing. If something now exits, it must come from something otherwise it has to come from nothing (Boxwell)- Since there is a creation, there must have been a creator.
definition of God
God is the infinite, perfect, spirit, love, consuming fire etc
Teleological argument
is limited - universe is order & design - A world so intricate in every detail could not just evolve
ontological argument
I have known all my life that there must be some being that is greater than man.
moral argument
all men are obligated to keep morals - There are definitely some things that are wrong, no matter what the culture says.
probability argument
The existence of God makes the best, overall sense.
Jehovah - Yahweh - I am that I am
intuitive truth
The belief in the 3existence of God is a rational intuition - Has to be universal (religion or belief system) and has to be necessary (we cannot deny His existence without doing violence to the laws of our nature.
Immaterial and incorporeal
He is a substance but has no material body - spiritual lsubstance (anthropomorphic)
sometimes take on another form
does not depend on anything to exist
relationship to space - not bout by space - transended
over & above time - everlasting
everywhere at once - an act of God's will - He chooses to be everywhere PS 139:7-8
He knows Himself, Father, Son & Holy Ghost know each other. MATT 6:32
all powerful MATT 19:26
unchanging JAMES 1:17
COL 1:15
1 Corth. 10:31
Whether therefore, ye eat, or drink, or what-so-ever ye do, do all to the glory of God.
John 1:14
The Son
Acts 5:3-4
Holy Ghost & God are the same
Titus 2:13
Father & Son are one
2nd Corin 3:17
Father & Spirit are one
Matt 3:16
All 3 members of the trinity were present
Elo im
plural names & pronouns passages that seem to speak of God in the plural
One God
Angel of the Lord
was an Old Testament appearance of Christ
What five attributes of God are attributed to Christ
Eternity - Col 1:15
Omnipresence Eps 1:23
Omniscience Col 2:3
Omnipotence Matt 28:18 Immutability Heb 13:8
What are the two ways to prove the doctrin of the Trinity in the NT
By general statement and allusions
By demonstrating that all 3 are recognized as God