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Actual Damages
Actual injury; can be award for such injuries as harm to reputation, humiliation and mental anguish.
award for injuries
a false statement, not fixed in a tangible medium, that harms a person's or an organization's repution.
A statement that is not true
special damages
Awarded to libel plaintiffs to compensate them for out-of-pocket or pecuniary (ecomonic) harm.
awarded for victims who lost money or something to do with financial problems
trier of fact
The peoson or people appointed to hear the evidence and determine the truth from it.
almost like a jury
libel per se
in and of itself
libel per quod
libel by innuendo. Seemingly harmless language that is defamatory to those who know unstated extrinsic facts
the unjust exposure of someone to public ridicule or hatred. Libel is defamation stated in a tangible medium-print, photograph, broadcast script, et cetera.
actual malice
publication of defamatory material w/ knowledge of its falsity or reckless disregard for the truth
reckless disregard
publication of defamatory nateruak w/ serious doubts as to its truth
Burden of proof
The duty to prove a claim in adversary proceeding. In libel actions against the media, the plaintiffs must prove the defamatory material is false, rather than media defendants having to prove it true.
Nominal damages
are a symbolic amount, succh as $1, recognizing that the person was defamed but that no real harm occured
General damages
are awarded to compensate for losses that cannot necesssarily be measured
punitive damages
are designed to send a message to defendants and to punish them for the libel