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What is word-painting?
techinique wereby the written text of a song is illustatd musically
What is Vivace?
quick, lively tempo
What is Verse-Chorus form?
two part-form with text changing in the verse section and repeated text in the chorus section
What type of music is twelve-bar blues?
form of African-American poplar music
What is a triad chord?
basic chord combining a begining note and the third and fifth notes above it
What is the treble clef?
symbol that indicates that the second line from the bottom of a staff repesents the pitch of G above middle C; also caled G clef
What is the tonic?
main note of major or minor key
What is the timbre or tone color?
characteristic of instrumental and vocal sounds that make them distinguishable to the ear
What is tonality?
feeling of pull toward a particular tone, which is determined by the key of hte music
What is the time signature?
figures on the staff at the beginning of a piece that indicate its meter
What does it mean when a form is through-composed?
musical form in which each stanza or verse is set to different music so that there is no repeating section
What is theme and variation form?
musical form in which one melodic idea is repeated with variations that may be rhythmic, melodic, harmonic, or any combinaton thereof
What is texture in music?
manner in which linear musical parts are blend
What is the ternary form?
form comprised of three sections, with the third being a repetition of the first (ABA)
What is tempo?
speed of a musical piece