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The conflict of tragic hero in Oedipus the King is with _____ rather than with ___.
his own nature, law
The name Oedipus is translated as _______, a term that provides another clue in the protagonist's quest to discover who he is.
"swollen feet"
Describe Oedipus's characteristics as a king.
energetic, quick-witted, and concerned about people.
Who is Iocasta?
mother and wife of Oedipus
Oedipus asks himself, ________ whereas other tragic characters ask "What shall I do?"
What have I done?
In the play, ____ is complete: Oedipus begins as a powerful king and ends as a blind and humiliated exile from Thebes
The ____ is clear: in his moment of vision Oedipus literally and symbolically blinds himself.
what is the tragedy in this play?
the fall of a great man
True or false: Protagonist's antagonists are internal rather than external.
What kind of relationship do Creon and Oedipus have?
Creon is Oedipus' brother-in-law
Who is Teiresias?
blind prophet
List characteristics of chorus.
they trust their king.
The main speaker of the chorus is frequently a ______ between Oedipus and those who would argue him.
describe characteristic of messenger.
brings news of the final catastrophe and hints at a dire narrative to follow. (not straight)
What is priest's job?
serves to introduce the problem and establish the confidence the citizens feel in their king
what is Corinthian Shephard's job?
advances the plot and helps solve the crime