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Beethoven is considered a composer in what style?
Why was Beethoven allowed to experiment more than Haydn or Mozart
He lived in a time where musical geniuses were considered to be social outcasts, and were to be supported by rich sponsors. (31 @ top)
Why did Beethoven consider suicide? What kept him from doing it?
He was going deaf. His music gave him an outlet for his anger and grief (emo eh?). 31, excerpt
What did Beethoven think of himself before going deaf?
He believed that he was a sociable guy.
What were some of the Classical ideals that worked their way into Beethoven's later works?
Balance, symmetry, proportion.
Around what time did Beethoven begin to lose his hearing?
How long was the first movement of <i>Eroica</i> and why was it important?
The first movement of <i>Eroica</i> was 691 measures long, and it was important because no one had made one that long before.
How did Beethoven's late period differ from his other periods?
He became introspective.
What is a scherzo?
A sprightly humorous instrumental musical composition or movement.
What does Scherzo mean, and what language did it come from?
It means "joke" in italian.
What was Beethoven considered towards the end of his life?
He was considered to be the geatest composer, but decidedly out of fashion.
Was Beethoven interested in critical acclaim?
No, that was more of the Classical objective. Beethoven wished for solitude. (romantic ideal)
Where did Beethoven grow up?
In Bonn, which is in Germany.
What am I listening to right now?
Why did performers and auiences dislike his music sometimes?
Hungarian Dance 6 ummmmm yeah.....
His music was hard to play and to understand.
Yessss last one. What did Beethoven do to the sonata form?
He lengthened it, and made it more "organic".