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Who composed Symphoney No. 3 in E-flat major "Eroica"?
Ludwig van Beethoven
What does a sonata normally end with?
a coda
In what ballet did Beethoven use the theme of the Eroica finale?
The Creatures of Prometheus
The end heavy nature of Beethoven's works is part of the....
epic character of his style
He often made his _______________ the climactic moments of his compositions.
last movements
The French Horn in the song Eroica begins _________too early?
the recapitulation
He took an _________approach to sonata form
With Beethoven, a _____could be as long as an exposition
A composer uses this to puctuate the ending of a song
a cadence
A texture in which a single melody is suported by other notes in the selected scale
Refers to the vsrious ways in which musical elements are structured using repetition, variation, and contrast
Name the three sections of a sonata movement
exposition, development, and racapitulation
Name the three female voice parts
soprano, mexxo soprano, alto
Name the three male singin parts
Tenor baritone, and bass
The heavy use of ______________allows for the digital manipulations of sounds.
Electronic instruments