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Define an implied line.
Interrupted dots or lines that the eye connects
Who developed the color wheel?
Sir Isaac Newton.
What does intensity refer to?
The brightness or purity of a color.
Name the warm colors.
Red, orange, yellow.
Name the cool colors.
Green, blue, violet.
Define symmetrical balance.
A balance achieved when elements of the composition are repeated exactly on both sides of the central axis.
What is the focal point?
Where the eye tends to rest.
What are used to print most T-shirts?
Screen prints.
What are finely ground materials that may be natural or synthetic?
What are thin transparent or semi-transparent layers that are applied over another color to alter it slightly?
Name the four basic ways to sculpt.
Carving, molding, casting, construction.
What is a kind of mixed media in which artists combine various materials?
What kind of process is carving in which some of the original material is removed?
Subtractive process.
What kind of process is modeling?
Additive process.
What is a water-based opaque paint that is similar to school-quality tempura, but is of higher quality?