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The basic visual components that include line, shape, form, space, color, and texture.
Elements of art.
The basic visual components that include line, shape, form, space, color, and texture have recently been called . . .
Sensory properties.
Series of interrupted dots or lines that the eye connects.
Implied line.
I word to describe irregular shapes.
Freeform objects that look like living things.
Space that the objects, shapes, or forms in an artwork occupy.
Positive space.
The area around positive space
Ground, or negative space.
What are the two types of relief sculpture?
High relief and low relief.
Low relief is normally called . . .
Bas relief (pronounced ‘bah’).
The visible borders of objects are called . . .
A technique that uses fog, smoke, and airborne particles to change the appearance of things when they are viewed from a distance.
Aerial, or atmospheric, perspective.
Another name for color.
The color wheel is developed by . . .
Sir Isaac Newton.
Creating a lighter hue by adding white.
Creating dark hues by adding black.