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If A then B or C and not both B and C
If not B and Not C or Both B and C then NOT A
If A or B then C
If Not C then Not A and not B
If A and B then C
If Not C then Not A or not B
If A then B or C
If not B and Not C then NOT A
If A then B and C
If not B or not C then NOT A
Everyone who pays 10 gets Chips or Salsa not both
If you get no Chips and no Salsa or Both Chips and Salsa, then you did not pay $10
Biconditional 1
If and only if
Biconditional 2
If A then B and vice Versa
Biconditional 3
If either A or B is true then the other is true
Biconditional 4
If A is true B is true otherwise B is not true
Biconditional 5
All A but B are XYZ
To get in you must have a ticket
If you can get in then you had a ticket, If no ticket then you can't get in.
Everyone with a ticket must go in
If ticket then you must go in, If not in then you had no ticket.
Al only comes when he's invited
If Al comes then he had been invited, If not invited then he won't come
Bob always comes when invited
If Bob's invited, then he's going to go. If he doesn't go then he wasn't invited.
Activate Plan X if there is a crisis
If a crisis arises, then activate plan X. If no plan X then there was no crisis.
Activate Plan X only if there is a crisis.
If Plan X then there was a crisis.If no Crisis there's no Plan X.
You can't win Unless you Practice
If you Win then you had practiced. If you do not practice then you won't win.
You will die unless you take the antidote.
if you don't die then you took antidote. If you do not take the antidote then you will die.
Every Sunday we go to the beach, unless its raining.
If Its Sunday & it's not raining then we go to the beach. If we do not go to the beach, then it's not Sunday or it's raining.
Some means
At least one, maybe ALL
Some Apples are Red
Some red things are apples
Some birds are owls
Some owls are birds
Some animals are NOT cats
Some non-cats are animals.