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parler à
to talk to
parler affaires
to talk about business
parler à l'imagination
to appeal to the imagination
parler à tort et à travers
"to talk drivel, babble"
parler au coeur
to speak to the heart
parler aux yeux
to appeal to the eye
parler avec les mains
to speak with one's hands
parler bien
"to speak well, be a good speaker"
parler boutique
to talk shop
parler comme un livre
to talk like a book
parler crûment
to speak bluntly
parler de
to talk about
parler de choses et d'autres
"to talk about this and that, to make small talk"
parler de faire qqch
to talk about doing something
parler de la pluie et du beau temps
"to talk about this and that, to make small talk"
parler distinctement
to speak distinctly
parler du fond du coeur
to speak from the heart
parler du nez
to speak through one's nose
parler en l'air
"to talk without acting, to complain but not do anything"
parler franc
to speak frankly
parler le français comme une vache espagnole
to speak French terribly
parler le français couramment
to speak French fluently
parler mal
"to speak poorly, not be a good speaker"
parler mal de quelqu'un
to speak ill of someone
parler d'or
to speak words of wisdom
parler par énigmes
to speak in riddles
parler par gestes
to use sign language
parler par paraboles
to speak in riddles
parler pour ne rien dire
to talk for the sake of talking
parler pour quelqu'un
"to speak for someone, on someone's behalf"
parler politique
to talk politics
aimer s'écouter parler
"to like to hear oneself talk, to like the sound of one's own voice"
dire à qqun sa façon de parler
to tell someone what one thinks/feels
faire parler
"to make talk, loosen one's tongue, draw out"
faire parler de soi
to get oneself talked about
faire parler la poudre
to start a gunfight/war
ne jamais en parler
to never talk about something
trouver à qui parler
to meet one's match
à vous parler franc
to be frank with you
Ce ... me parle.
This... really speaks to me.
Ce ... ne me parle pas.
This... doesn't do anything for me.
C'est à vous de parler.
It's your bid.
(card game)
C'est parler à un mur.
It's like talking to a wall.
C'est une façon de parler.
It's (just) a figure of speech.
Le devoir a parlé.
Duty called. je ne parle pas de...
not to mention...
Les faits parlent d'eux-mêmes.
The facts speak for themselves.
Je parle français.
I speak French.
Je parle un peu de français.
I speak a little French.
Je ne parle pas français.
I don't speak French.
"Mais je parle, je parle..."
But enough about me...
moi qui vous parle
I myself/personally
Ne m'en parlez pas !
You're telling me!
N'en parlons plus !
Let's not talk about that any more.
Nous ne nous parlons pas.
We're not speaking (at the moment).
On m'a beaucoup parlé de vous.
I've heard a lot about you.
On ne parle que de ça.
That's all people are talking about.
On parle beaucoup de lui comme...
He's being talked about as a possible/likely...
Parle pour toi !
Speak for yourself!
Parlez plus fort.
Speak up.
Parlez-vous anglais ?
Do you speak English?
Parlez-vous français ?
Do you speak French?
Parlons-en !
Fat chance! You must be joking!
Parlons peu mais parlons bien.
Let's get straight to the point.
Quand on parle du loup (on en voit la queue).
Speak of the devil (and he appears).
sans parler de...
"not to mention..., let alone..."
Tout le monde en parle.
Everyone's talking about it.
Tout me parle de toi.
Everything reminds me of you.
Toute la ville en parle.
It's the talk of the town.
Tu parles !
You're telling me! or You must be joking!
Tu parles d'un... !
Talk about a ...!
Tu parles si... !
You must be joking if...! A fat lot of... !
Tu peux parler !
You can talk! You're a fine one to talk!
Voilà qui est (bien) parlé !
"Hear, hear! Well said!"
Vous n'avez qu'à parler.
Just say the word.
se parler
to talk to oneself; to talk to one another
le parler
"speech, dialect"
le parler de tous les jours
everyday language
le parler vrai
straight talking
le parler vulgaire
vulgar/coarse way of speaking