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Who was President During the expedidtion
Thomas Jefferson
What was the name of the large peice of land that the United states purchased and who was it purchased from

Napoleon Bonaparte
Who did the president appoint to lead the expedition
Meriwether Lewis
Who did Lewis choose to go with him
William Clark
What did they call the group of men who went with Lewis and Clark
Corps of Discovery
What was the name of Clarks Slave
What was the goal of the exedition
To find a land route to the pacific ocean
Where did the expedition begin
near St. Louis
When did the expedition begin
What was the names of the types of boats they used
Covered Keelboat and
Where did they stay during the first winter
At a Mandan Indian village
Who was their interpreter
Toussaint Carbonneau
What was the name of the Indian woman who traveled with the group
What Tribe did Sagagawea belong to
What was the name of the son that sacagawea had during the trip
Jean Baptiste
When they left the Mandan village they travelled up what river
They portaged around what
The missouri Falls
How did they get across the Rocky Mountains
On horses given to them by the Shohone indians
What other indians helped them besides the Mandan and Shashone
Nez perce
What camp did they stay at before they returned home
how lond did the expedidtion take
3 years
How do we know so much about the expedition
because they kept notes and a journal of the trip