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great society
Johnson's domestic program
Replace American Soldiers with Vietnamese troops
Berlin Aircraft
supplies flown in to East Germany
38th Parallel
Divided Korea, North and South
North AtlanticTreaty Organization
What were the events of the Watergate Scandal
1. June 16, 1972 Watergate Hotel breakin
2. Nixon's staff created an enemies list
3. CREEP raised money for "dirty tricks"
4. Nixon and his staff had an illegal coverup of the breakin
5. The burglars were given long term prison sentences
6. Nixon fires his special prosecutor and other people "Saturday Night Massacre"
7. Nixon releases some transcripts
8, 10/10/73 Agnew (VP) resigns
9. 8/9/74 Nixon resigns
What President was elected in
What President was elected in
What President was elected in
What President was elected in
Lewis Final
cut apart and study
What President was elected in
What President was elected in
What President was elected in
Three events of accomplishments of the Eisenhower administration were
1. Created department of health, education, and welfare
2. Interstate highway system
3. Alaska gained statehood- Alcan highway created
4. Hawaii gained statehood-50th state
Describe two public and two secret agreements made at the Yalta Conference in February 1945
1. U.S.S.R. would enter war in the Pacific within 3 months of the end of the war in Europe
2. Mongolian People Republic -Under U.S.S.R. control
What are three causes of the Korean War?
1. 1910-1945 Korea was controlled by Japan
2. It was divided at the 38th parallel, North supported by the U.S.S.R and the south supported by the US
3. June 1950- the communists atttack S. Korea and McArthur lands troops
Truman's domestic program, the Fair Deal had many parts. Explain 3 of them
1. extend social security coverage
2. increase minimum wage from 40¢ to 75¢
3. authorized use of federal money for housing units
4. flood control
Describe the events of November 22, 1963- the Kennedy assassination
Look in your notes
38th Parallel
Divided Korea, North and South
U-2 Incident
U.S. Spy plane shot down
Gulf of Tonkin
American ship fired upon
17th parallel
Divided North and South Vietnam
Fidel Castro
Cuban Leader
John Glenn
First man to orbit the Earth
Bay of Pigs
Attempted invasions of Cuba
Domino theory
Idea that one nation after another would fall to communism
Kent State University
College campus shooting by National guard
First satellite in space
Gerald R. Ford
38th President, after Nixon
Marshall Plan
Plan to rebuild Europe
H.H. Humphrey
Lyndon Johnson's Vice President
Robert F. Kennedy
Assassinated June 1968
Neil Armstrong
First man on the moon
Barry Goldwater
Republican Candidate 1964
Alaskan-Canadian Highway
Adlai Stevenson
Democratic Candidate 1952 and 1956
What President was elected in
Thomas Dewey
Nearly defeated Truman in 1948
Warren Commission
Report on Kennedy assassination