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adj. thoroughly skilled;
n. an expert

syn: adj. masterful, accomplished, proficient
ant: adj. clumsy, unskilled, maladroit; n. novice
Not only is the soloist an accomplished singer, but he is also adept at playing the saxaphone. (adj.)
An adept at chess, she hopes to compete in tournaments against top-rated players. (n)
v. to have ambitious hopes or plans, strive toward a higher goal, desire earnestly; to ascend

syn: seek, yearn, aim for, soar
An early fascination with ants led the young naturalist to aspire to a career as an entomologist.
bare, dreary, dismal

syn: grim, cheerless, gloomy, desolate, barren
ant: rosy, cheerful, sunny, promising, encouraging
Urban renewal can turn a run-down city with bleak economic prospects into a flourishing metropolis.
to blame; scold

syn: upbraid, reprimand, rebuke, chastise
ant: approve, praise, compliment, pat on the back
The teacher chided the student for truancy and tradiness.
adj. worthy of scorn, contemptible

syn: low, vile, cheap, sordid, detestable
ant: praiseworthy, commendable, meritorious
Whatever the provocation, there is no justification for such despicable behavior.
small, smaller than most others of the same type.

syn: undersized, miniature, tiny, compact
ant: oversized, gigantic, huge, enormous
The diminutive lapdog was so small that it actually fit in its owner's purse.
to free from slavery; to release or liberate

syn: set loose, unchain, unshackle, unfetter
ant: enslave, snare, chain, shackle
Scientific knowledge can emancipate humanity from blind superstition.
incorrect, containing mistakes

syn: mistaken, fallacious, all wrong
ant: accurate, correct, exact, unerring
An erroneous first impression is not easily corrected.
v. to make use of develop; to make improper use of for personal profit;
n. a feat, deed

syn: utilize, turn to advantage, misuse
A good debater knows how to exploit weaknesses in an opponent's argument.
The exploitation of Robin Hood and his Merry Men are so well known that they have become a part of Western culture.
adj. made or delivered on the spur of the moment

syn: spontaneous, impromptu, off-the-cuff
ant: planned, rehearsed, prepared
The stand-up comedian's outrageous act included about twenty minutes of completely extemporaneous banter.
v. to make imperfect, damage, harm

syn: injure, mar, disable, cripple, enervate
ant: improve, strengthen, promote, advance
I am fortunate that the scratch on my eye will not permanently impair my vision.
not able to be defeated, unbeatable

syn: unconquerable, indomitable, insuperable
ant: vulnerable, conquerable, surmountable
Napoleon I, emperor of France, was invincible until he launched a disastrous invasion of Russia.
drooping; without energy, sluggish

syn: lazy, sluggish, listless, slack, lethargic
ant: lively energetic, vigorous, enlivening
A big lunch makes me feel languid for the rest of the day.
n. mud; wet, swampy ground; a tough situation;
v. to get stuck

syn: n. marsh, swamp, bog, slough
The once verdant expanse of the soccer field has become a rectangle of muck and mire.
forward; undesirably prominent; thrust out

syn: brash, impudent, conspicuous, protruding
ant: meek, reserved, deferential, recessed
I don't blame you for being put off by his obtrusive attempt to dominate the conversation.
an introduction to a speech of a piece of writing

syn: opening, preface, prologue, preliminary
ant: conclusion, ending, closing, epilogue
The preamble to the Constitution describes the purpose of our national government.
to cause to become; to perform; to deliver officially; to process, extract

syn: present, furnish, submit, make, effect
The freelance writer presented the managing editor with a bill for services rendered.
rough, irregular; severe, stern; strong; stormy

syn: rocky, craggy, blunt, harsh, hardy, tough
ant: smooth, flat, soft, mild, tender, delicate
Settlers had a rough time crossing the rugged Appalachian Mountains.
untidy in dress, personal habits, etc.; careless, sloppy

syn: messy, untidy, slovenly, slapdash, cursory
ant: tidy, neat, orderly, careful, painstaking
The commission attributed the unfortunate collapse of the apartment building to its slipshod construction.
inclined to doubt; slow to accept something as true

syn: dubious, suspicious, incredulous
ant: believing, credulous, gullible, ingenuous
I am skeptical of promises made by politicians when they are running for office.