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Name a small settlement which archaeologists existed at the same time as Catal Huyuk.
Umm Dabaghiyah
(OOM dah bah Gee ah)
Which category of human ancestors came before Homo sapiens?
What term do we use for all living and non-living things that make up our surroundings?
What do we call a person who studies the fossils of human ancestors?
During what era did people begin settling in communities?
What name have scientists given to the third oldest group of human ancestors?
Homo heidelbergensis
Nmae an archaeological site located in the Jordan River valley.
Ain Mallaha
(YN MAHL ah hah)
By what name do scientists refer to to the second oldest class of ancestors?
Homo erectus
What do we call those who are not dependent upon others for their survival?
Who discovered the oldest complete skeleton of an early ancestor?
Don Johanson
Early humans once camped on this spot where the modern city of Nice, France now stands.
Terra Amata
What does "Homo habilis" translate into?
handy human
What is a name for sacred places where people worship?
What is the name of the group that modern humans belong to?
Homo sapiens
What do we call the knowledge that people use to fashion tools.
What were the first modern humans in Europe called?
What is the name of the largest Neolithic town discovered in the Middle East?
Catal Huyuk
(chah TUHL hoo YUHK)
Toolmaking began with the Homo habilis during what era or time span?
Paleolithic Age
(Ice Age)
What name was given to a crescent shaped strip of land with rich soil?
Fertile Crescent
What name was given to the oldest complete skeleton discovered by Don Johanson and his team?
What is another name for farming?
What husband-and-wife team discovered artifacts along with fossil bones in 1961? They also named the group of ancestors "Homo habilis."
Louis and Mary Leakey
Name a French cave in which Paleolithic paintings were discovered.The French government closed this cave in 1963 because visitors' breath was destroying the paintings.
Another term for the oldest group of human ancestors besides homo habilis is what?
(aw stray loe pith uh synz)
What land structures were exposed when the level of the ocean dropped during the Ice Age?
land bridges
By what name do scientists refer to our earlierst ancestors?
Homo habilis
What do we call the time period in which glaciers advanced and retreated across the surface of the earth?
Ice Age
What is a large group to which a species belongs called?
What is the name of a bowl-like object used in grinding grains?
A small loosely organized group of 20 - 30 individuals is called what?
a band
What are huge sheets of ice and snow which cover large areas of the earth called?
What do we call a scientist who studies the earth?
Ancestors who hunted wild animals and gathered wild plants are known as what?
What do we call a scientist who studies the structure of humans?