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Kristof was absent on Monday. Make a logical conclusion with 100% degree of certainty. and ... 50%.
Use "must have". Then, may have, might have, must have.
You have a group of friends and your group is considered by many to be very "tight-knit". What does this mean?
Every one is very close and feels comfortable with one another.
What does the word "uprooted" mean?
removed from
Name an event or situation during which you felt intimidated? What does the word "intimidate" imply you are feeling?
responses vary
When something or someone else is "set apart" from something or someone else, what does it mean?
to stand out, usually used in a positive way
What does "to bone up" on something mean?
to practice or review
What does "mainstream" mean when referring to American culture?
the norm or majority
Your friend did not do well in his midterm. Use a modal
to tell him an obligation.
use "must"
If you have assimilated to a new culture, what have you done?