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what are smudge cells characteristic of?
what are numerous small, mature monoclonal B cells characteristic of?
what is a/w lymph nodes that become painful upon consumption of alcohol?
hodgkin lymphoma
what are the 3 B symptoms?
weight loss of >10% in 6 mo.
night sweats
fever >38 degrees
what are Reed Sternberg cells characteristic of
hodgkins disease
70% of what cancer are the "nodular sclerosing" type?
hodgkins lymphoma
in what lymphoma will you see eosinophilia in the blood?
hodgkin's lymphoma
describe the ann-arbour system of staging
I - one node area
II - two or more node areas on teh same side of the diaphragm
III - two or more node areas on differnet sides of the diaphragm
IIIs - nodes and spleen
IV - node areas as well as diffuse or disseminated disease

subscript E is added at the end to indicate extranodal expansion
which leukemias are a/w the philadelphia translocation
CML mainly
(although ALL can have it on occasion)
what is Gleevec used to tx?
How does Gleevec work?
It targets the bcr/abl abnormality, thus inhibiting tyrosine kinase activity which increases cell proliferation
which is the luekemia where you need to give subdural prophylaxis?
ALL b/c there are reserves in the CNS and the testes!
which leukemia is a/w Down's syndrome?
the presence of Auer rods indicates which leukemia?
AML (it is the accumulation of myeloid granules) which distinguish it from ALL
CLL is the same as which lyphoma?
SLL - small lymphocytic lymphoma
lymphoblastic lymphoma is the same as which leukemia?
for which leukemia is the treatment mainly palliative?
why do you use flow cytometry?
to SUBTYPE a leukemia once the dx has been made
what does CARLI stand for? And in what disease do you use this?
Use it for characteristics of MM.
C- hi calcium due to increased bone turnover
A- anemia (low RBCs)
R- renal failure
L - lytic bone lesions
I - infxns due to suppression of normal plasma f'n
investigation of the CSF is required in work up of which leukemia?
Staging for lymphomas involves what 3 procedures?
1. blood tests
2. bone marrow aspirate
3. CT scans of chest and abdomen
will lupus anticoagulant affect the PT or the PTT or both?
only the PTT
will heparin affect the PT, the PTT or both?
the PTT only