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Correspondence sent from one business to another and is not typed on letterhead.
Personal-Business Letter
Correspondence sent from one business or individual to another and is typed on letterhead.
Business Letter
All letter parts align to the left side of the paper. (Date, closing, and signature block)
Block Style Letter
Date, Closing and signature block are typed at the center point of the paper (tabbed over 6 times.)
Modified-Block Style Letter
No punctuation after the salutaiton or the complimentary close.
Open Punctuation
A colon after the salutaion and a comma after the complientary close.
Mixed Punctuation
Correspondence with a business (in-house).
A document that is quickly and easily formated and is often keyed on a plain piece of stationary.
Simplified Memorandum
A document that uses special headings preprinted on the startion and uses special guide words such as TO, FROM, DATE, and SUBJECT in all capital letters.
Formal Memorandum
The words: TO, FROM, DATE, and SUBJECT are referred to as a _____________ in a Memorandum.
Guide Words