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(n.) a state of perfect happiness or blessedness; a blessing
Do you think that not having to worry about money is the consummate BEATITUDE of being wealthy?
SYN: bliss, rapture
ANT: misery, despair
bête noire
(n.) someone or somehting that one espcially dislikes, dreads or avoids.
Spinach used to be the BÊTE NOIRE of my diet; but that was before I tasted blood sausage.
SYN: pet peeve, bugbear, nemesis
ANT: pet, idol
(v.) to be an omen of; to indicate by signs
With a smile that BODE good news, the teacher enters the room and greets the students.
SYN: presage, augur, foreshadow
(adj.) unpleasantly damp or wet
The room had the DANK atmosphere of a wet cave.
SYN: clammy, moist, soggy
ANT: dry, arid, parched, desiccated
(adj.) worldwide or universal in influence or application
An ECUMERNICAL council meets on the third TUesday of each month.
SYN: general, comprehensive
ANT: parochial, regional, insular
(adj.) burning with enthusiasm or zeal; extremely heated
Using FERVID words of praise, the coach gave the team a much- needed pep talk before the big game.
SYN: ardent, zealous, fervent, earnest
ANT: apathetic, indifferent, cool, blasé