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  • Front
  • Back mix ingredients, as in cooking
2. to invent or devise
V. concoct
a characteristic style of cooking
N. cuisine
showing unusually early development, especially mentally
ADJ. precocious
ADJ. carnivorous
ADJ. herbivorous
1. extremely hungry; greedy
2.eager for some activity or interest
ADJ. voracious
sweet as honey (referring to voice or words)
ADJ. mellifluous
having to do with salt
ADJ. saline
1. to drink
2. to absorb; to take in
V. imbibe
fit to drink
ADJ. potable
a liquid for drinking, especially a medicinal, magic, or poisonous drink
N. potion
to make an indirect reference to
V. allude
a secret agreement for a deceitful purpose; conspiracy
N. collusion
1.a false belief or opinion, especially one held in spite of contradictory evidence
2. a deception
N. delusion
1. to avoid or escape from by cunning; to evade
2. to escape detection; to baffle
V. elude