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a home or residence
N; domicile
1.related to the family of household
2. Tame; trained to live with humans
3. indigenous to a particular country; native
ADJ; domestic
range of ones control; territory
N; domain
to dominate; to be bossy
V; domineer
control; rule; area of influence
N; dominion
asleep; not in an active state
ADJ; dormant
to walk while sleeping
V; somnambulate
1.drowsy or sleepy
2. causing sleep
ADJ; somnolent
washing of the body, especially as a ritual purification
N; ablution
1. a downpour or a great flood
2. to flood
1. to take away something belonging to someone, especially a right, title, or property; to dispossess
2. to strip away, especially clothes
V; divest
a ceremony in which a person formally receives the authority and symbols of an office
N; investiture
an absurd or inferior imitation
N; travesty
a garment that indicates position or authority, especially the robes worn by clergy
N; vestment
1. a concern for something from which a person expects to get personal benefit
2.dressed, especially in vestments
3. absolute; without question
ADJ; vested